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  • Incident #660 Portland, OR
    police bathing unarmed non-violent protestors in pepper spray for sport. 27 June 2020. [@KohzKah]
  • Incident #658 Philadelphia, PA
    a compilation of videos of Philly cops teargassing everyone in West Philadelphia from the comfort of their APC [@pennsylinger]
  • Incident #657 Richmond, VA
    you hear police yelling among themselves "Grab somebody! Get ahold of somebody!" Then an officer runs across the street and shoves a guy on a bike to the ground [@woznyphoto]
  • Incident #656 Nashville, TN
    power-washing protestors. (Seriously) [@brotherjones_]
  • Incident #655 Nashville, TN
    initially thought this was another camera angle on 619, but turns out it's actually another separate day of police illegally confiscating private property without due process. [@brotherjones_]
  • Incident #654 Nashville, TN
    state police confiscating and destroying private property without due process. [@TheTNHoller]
  • Incident #653 Portland, OR
    another nightly Running of the Swine. I particularly enjoy the cops shouting "GET OUT OF HERE!"... while shoving people to the ground so they can't leave. It's almost like brutalizing ppl is more important to them? Thinking face. [@KohzKah]. Date is 26-27 June 2020.
  • Incident #652 Nashville, TN
    police deliberately target a protest organizer for arrest for the heinous crime of ::checks notes:: singing the old spiritual "Wade in the Water". Charged with trespass and inciting a riot. [@plaza_tn]
  • Incident #648.3 Richmond, VA
    More on the Richmond VA warzone last night at 648. Police deploying teargas, firing flash-bang grenades, etc – including into the cars of non-protestors just trying to get through downtown [@aeringle]
  • Incident #648.2 Richmond, VA
    More of last night's warzone in Richmond VA at 648. I'm sure the neighboring residences appreciate being saturated with teargas by police. [@JLJLovesRVA]
  • Incident #648.1 Richmond, VA
    Another camera angle on 648 in Richmond VA. [@woznyphoto]
  • Incident #648 Richmond, VA
    another nightly warzone in downtown Richmond, as police deliberately launch a flash-bang at a journalist and shoot at least one protestor in the face for sport. 26 June 2020. [@JLJLovesRVA]
  • Incident #647.2 St. Louis, MO
    More on 647 in St. Louis MO, as Mayor Lyda Krewson (@LydaKrewson) attempts to explain why she intentionally doxxed her own citizens on a livestream [@theMARCHstl]
  • Incident #647 St. Louis, MO
    the mayor is offended by people sharing their opinions on police funding with elected officials, so the mayor gives their name and home addresses on a livestream so others can harass them. [@CopWatchSTL]
  • Incident #562.2 Portland, OR
    Still more on 562 in Portland OR. Sounds like the police opened fire long before they ordered anyone to disperse. On Juneteenth. The cops are rioting; video in linked tweet
  • Incident #542 New York City, NY
    NYPD sends an entire riot squad into Flatbush because someone reported fireworks. [@carolineha_]
  • Incident #541 Portland, OR
    police repeatedly shoot protestors in the back as they're walking away – complying with police orders to leave. Lawlessness. [IG: https://instagram.com/tv/CA9pRwWpXwR/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link; full video is 4min+]
  • Incident #539 New York City, NY
    actually going to add a new number to this bodycam footage in the prior tweet that included 48. Notice at the [8:00] mark where he pepper-sprays another protestor and pushes them. See also his conduct at [12:40] and [14:05]
  • Incident #537 Los Angeles, CA
    police shoot at a non-protestor in their apartment. Recall they did something similar in 87 as well. [@tracemeYo]
  • Incident #536 Los Angeles, CA
    an officer takes aim at a non-protestor peacefully recording in their apartment [@AsToldBySam]
  • Incident #535 St. Louis, MO
    police have started posting one-day "emergency" no-parking signs in areas where parking is normally allowed. By undoubtedly pure coincidence, the signs are going up where protests are expected. [@joelcurrier]
  • Incident #534 Syracuse, NY
    police officer shoves a journalist to the ground so he'll stop recording them. The cops are rioting. Story: https://syracuse.com/news/2020/06/syracuse-police-officer-shoves-news-photographer-to-the-ground-during-protest-video.html
  • Incident #532.1 Louisville, KY
    First-person view of 532 in Louisville KY by the woman assaulted by police for engaging in First Amendment-protected conduct on the sidewalk
  • Incident #532 Louisville, KY
    police push down a protestor who was lawfully on the sidewalk, then shoot at people who come to help her up. 15 June 2020. The cops are rioting
  • Incident #530 Everett, WA
    cops yank a guy out of a van, then two hold him down while a third repeatedly punches the sh*t out of him for sport. Bonus: cop doing the punching had previously been fired, reinstated. Story: https://heraldnet.com/news/deputy-seen-in-video-punching-man-was-previously-fired/ [@patrickcook28]
  • Incident #528 Louisville, KY
    a guy records a half-dozen cops dogpiling a protestor – and then one of the cops shoots the window to stop him from recording. Lawlessness. [@kenjiboijoi]
  • Incident #526.1 Jonesboro, GA
    Another view of 526 in Jonesboro GA, as bodycam footage has been released. [@EaglesFanOnly]
  • Incident #526 Jonesboro, GA
    an officer holds 5 black teens at gunpoint. Story: https://news-daily.com/news/clayton-county-police-to-release-body-cam-footage-incident-report-after-video-of-officer-holding/article_f07ce9e2-afe3-11ea-aa85-b30a2ad71d7d.html [@EaglesFanOnly]
  • Incident #525 Portland, OR
    cop threatening a journalist with arrest and positioning himself to prevent any video of another cop mistreating an arrestee. [@AlexMilanTracy]
  • Incident #524 Portland, OR
    another night of the PDX Running of the Swine, as ~30 cops chase after 2 unarmed teenagers. Looks like at least 28 positions that can be defunded... [@tuckwoodstock]
  • Incident #522.1 Portland, OR
    Another angle on 522 of PDX cops threatening a reporter with arrest if he doesn't literally run away from them [@MrOlmos]
  • Incident #522 Portland, OR
    police threaten to arrest an @OPB reporter if he doesn't run. Reporter: "We're moving". Cop: "You've been given warnings, so if you don't move faster you're gonna go to jail." Reporter: "So you want us to run?" Cop: "Yes I do" [@MrOlmos]
  • Incident #520.1 Richmond, VA
    More of 520 in Richmond VA. [@aeringle]
  • Incident #520 Richmond, VA
    another night of police firing indiscriminately on peaceful protestors outside the RPD headquarters. [@aeringle]
  • Incident #518.8 Albequerque, NM
    More of 518 in Albuquerque NM, showing the eventual shooter doing something to the young woman he's standing behind. "Demonstrators clap as one contingent of the armed “militia” group removes themselves from the crowd. Blue shirt guy seems to have something in his hand (taken from his chest rig?). He appears to hit (or spray?) a young woman; she goes down. LOTS of phones filming. Shots fired."
  • Incident #518.5 Albequerque, NM
    More on 518 in Albuquerque NM on the police response, gassing peaceful protestors because a white nationalist militia member tried to kill somebody for sport. [@meganrabundis]
  • Incident #518.3 Albequerque, NM
    More on 518 after the shooting in Albuquerque NM. Keep in mind: ABQ police has been coordinating with the New Mexico Civil Guard militia in earlier protests. [@nick_w_estes]
  • Incident #518.1 Albequerque, NM
    More of 518 in Albuquerque NM, where the 4 gunshots from the New Mexico Civil Guard member are heard on video. [@meganrabundis]
  • Incident #518 Albequerque, NM
    police launch teargas, flash bangs, rubber bullets after a member of the New Mexico Civil Guard – a white nationalist militia group – shoots a protestor. [@meganrabundis]
  • Incident #517 Philadelphia, PA
    police stand around doing nothing as a white mob pushes an Asian guy into oncoming traffic. Remember this next time someone tells you (falsely) that police provide safety and prevent violence. [@UR_Ninja]
  • Incident #516 Bethel, OH
    police stand around and do nothing as a protestor is assaulted by a cop fetishist. Remember this when people tell you (falsely) that cops provide safety and prevent violence. 14 June 2020. [@whiskeyrodent]
  • Incident #515 Pittsburgh, PA
    multiple officers arrest and pin a woman to the ground, while another grabs a teargas canister to throw at people recording the arrest. The cops are rioting. [@RyanDeto]
  • Incident #513 Fort Wayne, IN
    another example of police dousing peaceful protestors in pepper spray [@ErinFogg5]
  • Incident #512 Fort Wayne, IN
    police ordering peaceful protestors to disperse from public walkways. There is no curfew in Fort Wayne. This violates the First Amendment. 14 June 2020. [@stoneyydope_24]
  • Incident #510 Fort Wayne, IN
    police pepper spray unarmed protestors as they peacefully kneel. [FB: https://facebook.com/100013539161524/posts/927655561029074/?d=n]
  • Incident #509 Portland, OR
    the police casually declare themselves to be above the First Amendment. But do give a very close listen starting at the [1:53] mark Winking faces
  • Incident #507 New York City, NY
    cops rush a small group of peaceful protestors on Franklin Avenue and promptly beat the ones they catch. 11 June 2020. [@luketracy]
  • Incident #506.2 Minneapolis, MN
    Audio from 506 in Minneapolis MN: [@dphiffer]
  • Incident #505 Austin, TX
    police shoot an unarmed protestor in the face. [CW: gore] The rubber bullet gets lodged into the side of her face and is bleeding everywhere. [@randomjhovall]. -- CLARIFICATION: I'm told that's the remnants of a beanbag round lodged in the protestor's face, not a rubber bullet
  • Incident #504.2 Richmond, VA
    Yet another angle of 504 in Richmond VA. [@JLJLovesRVA]
  • Incident #504.1 Richmond, VA
    Another angle of 504 in Richmond VA [@hannaheason_]
  • Incident #504 Richmond, VA
    police set up a vehicle barricade outside their HQ. Protestors gather outside the perimeter and protest peacefully – so police arrest someone with a bullhorn and start spraying pepper-spray everywhere. [@GoadGatsby]
  • Incident #503 Portland, OR
    an elderly gentleman falls to the ground. A protector tries to help him up, but is instead shoved away by police. [@tuckwoodstock]
  • Incident #502 Portland, OR
    separate from the Running of the Swine, here PDX cops tell a protestor to get on their bike – but then instantly arrest them when they attempt to do so [@mossyrocc]
  • Incident #500 Little Rock, AR
    police open fire on unarmed peaceful protestors with their hands raised. [FB: https://m.facebook.com/jennifer.d.lewis.16/posts/1021785350863471
  • Incident #499.1 New York City, NY
    The police-initiated violence in 499 was, of course, utterly pointless given the size of the crowd. So instead NYPD eventually carried away the barricades [@RosalindZAdams]
  • Incident #499 New York City, NY
    police trying to use barricades to bowl over protestors and stop them from assembling at Times Square [@RosalindZAdams]
  • Incident #498 Chicago, IL
    cops practically pulling a kids pants off to yank him out of the backseat of a car. Notice badge numbers are blocked by "thin blue line" ribbons. [@leolaroux]
  • Incident #494 Seattle, WA
    not brutality-related; turns out crimes can be addressed without lethal force Face screaming in fear The protestors occupying the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone eject a white guy who broke a window of the East Precinct police station [@NaveedAJamali]
  • Incident #493 Atlanta, GA
    ATL tries to one-up PDX with their own Running of the Swine [@douglasblackmon]
  • Incident #491.2 Portland, OR
    More of 491 in Portland OR, as you hear a woman screaming while she's being groped by a cop, just before Portland police light people up with tear gas and flash-bang grenades [@mapthep]
  • Incident #491.1 Portland, OR
    More of 491 in Portland OR, as police shoot at protestors while they're walking away as commanded. [@alex_zee]
  • Incident #491 Portland, OR
    another night of Portland's Running of the Swine, this time attacking a journalist with the Portland Tribune; "Portland Police charge protesters tonight. Officer: Move! Me: MEDIA! Officer: I don’t give a shit! Go! ; I was shoved into the wall, then hit in the heel by some sort of crowd control munition. I’m fine"
  • Incident #490 Atlanda, GA
    police fire tear gas and flashbang grenades into an unarmed and peaceful crowd [@Georgia_NAACP]
  • Incident #489 Woodlynne, NJ
    a police officer is charged for pepper-spraying an innocent black teen for sport. The crime? Telling the cop he was going to call his guardian rather than answer questions. Bonus: cop bounced around *8* different PDs before Woodlynne. https://phillymag.com/news/2020/06/11/woodlynne-cop-ryan-dubiel/
  • Incident #487 Palmdale, CA
    an officer casually aiming at unarmed and peaceful protestors demonstrating over the "suicide" of Robert Fuller [@rebelalliance76]
  • Incident #486.1 Richmond, VA
    Another angle on 486 in Richmond VA [@tiagoswoons]
  • Incident #486 Richmond, VA
    police jumping the curb to do a Tiananmen Square in his SUV [@BreRVA]
  • Incident #485 Portland, OR
    Running of the Bulls, PDX Style. Police bull rush protestors while shooting them as they run away. [@MrOlmos]
  • Incident #484.4 Philadelphia, PA
    More video of 484 in Philadelphia PA, with another angle of the all-white vigilante mob attacking the journalist with no intervention from police. Lawlessness. [@GeorgeSolis]
  • Incident #484.1 Philadelphia, PA
    More of 484 in Philadelphia PA at Marconi Plaza. "Shortly before @PhillyPolice ordered us to cease our on-site reporting under threat of arrest, the crowd was cheering as a man with a Trump 2020 flag arrived. Police were also shaking hands with some of the white vigilantes as this was happening."
  • Incident #484 Philadelphia, PA
    a white vigilante mob shows up at Marconi Plaza, shaking hands with the cops, assaults a journalist – and then a cop here tells the journalist they have to leave. This is a violation of the First Amendment.[@UR_Ninja]
  • Incident #482 Beverly Hills, CA
    police turn a rich neighborhood into a teargas-soaked war zone. [@J7_TreeOfLibrty]
  • Incident #481 Des Moines, IA
    a cop is caught on a security camera stealing cases of water that a 17-year-old had put out for protestors. This is unlawful theft of private property without due process, and violates the 4th / 5th / 14th Amendments. [https://desmoinesregister.com/story/news/crime-and-courts/2020/06/12/des-moines-black-lives-matter-teen-discouraged-after-police-confiscate-water-left-protesters/3163595001/]
  • Incident #480.6 Atlanta, GA
    Wendy's surveillance video of 480 above in Atlanta GA. Fast forward to the [28:30] timestamp
  • Incident #480.3 Atlanta, GA
    Yet another angle on 480 in Atlanta GA, as the unarmed man is bleeding out in the Wendy's parking lot. [FB: https://m.facebook.com/629408354/posts/10157889410533355/?d=n]
  • Incident #480.2 Atlanta, GA
    Another angle on 480 at an Atlanta GA Wendy's. Picks up after the unarmed black man has already been summarily executed for sport [@hbs14n]
  • Incident #480 Atlanta, GA
    police shoot and kill an unarmed black man for running away. The Supreme Court of the United States, in Tennessee v Garner (471 US 1 (1985)), banned the use of lethal force on an unarmed escapee. That was 35 years ago
  • Incident #479 Philadelphia, PA
    cops enthusiastically clubbing someone in a car. [@_juliatr]
  • Incident #478 Philadelphia, PA
    cops get a man onto the ground and handcuff him, then everyone backs up so one officer can get a running start before kicking him in the side. This was last week. [@_juliatr]
  • Incident #475.1 East Meadow, NY
    Several more videos of 475 on Instagram at https://instagram.com/p/CBWzXV2naI_/?igshid=787wqjdvqspt
  • Incident #475 East Meadow, NY
    a police officer abruptly stops walking so a protestor walking behind him will bump into him, so the other police can attack and arrest him. At least 3 officers pin him down, with one keeping a knee on his neck. [@MarisaKabas] <next tweet> I'm told 475 was filmed today, 12 June 2020
  • Incident #474 Salt Lake City, UT
    when police decide it's time to start making curfew arrests, they pluck a black guy from the crowd as several pin him to the ground and at least one keeps his knee on the guy's neck. [@Leashie3]
  • Incident #473 Tampa, FL
    how many Tampa cops does it take to beat down one protestor? I count 3 Thinking face. [@Sensationshawty]
  • Incident #472 Milwaukee, WI
    a bike cop pins a protestor by putting his knee on the guy's neck, and repeatedly kneeing him in the side with the other one, as another bike cop helps hold him down for the beating. [YT: https://youtu.be/-YQvtYnGB_k]
  • Incident #470 Miami, FL
    police incite a full-on street brawl [@grantstern]
  • Incident #465 Seattle, WA
    Seattle PD shows up to the #CHAZ, pepper-sprays a protestor with their hands up, then leaves. [FB: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=949526905485027&id=100012831786262&_rdr]
  • Incident #464 Madison, WI
    police block the exits of a local park. Activists then raise their hands and stand still, and police appear to fall back. Protestors cheer at the apparent retreat – then the police start throwing teargas. [TT: https://vm.tiktok.com/J111vu4/]
  • Incident #463 New York City, NY
    NYPD beat a man for sport then steal his bike [@mingum]
  • Incident #462 New Orleans, LA
    some good news, as a woman arrested by police (reason officially unknown but likely for protesting) is released as hundreds of volunteers surround the patrol car and refuse to budge [@chris_granger]
  • Incident #461 Los Angeles, CA
    same moment as 460 above, but numbered separately because they also sliced the everlasting sh*t out of *another* woman's hand while trying to cut zip ties. (Pics in next tweet) [IG: https://instagram.com/p/CBEFX7wlWFa/]
  • Incident #460 Los Angeles, CA
    police slice open a woman's hand while trying to cut the zip tie they've used to restrain her. [IG: https://instagram.com/p/CBB2mn6A8pi/]
  • Incident #454 Smithtown, NY
    off-duty police harass protestors. Cops: "Go get some breast milk from your mommy, you n*gger-lover" [@maricath12]
  • Incident #451.2 New York City, NY
    Another angle of 451 in NYC. The "spitting" woman is wearing a face mask too, in addition from being back in the crowd and supposedly hitting cops several feet away. [Anonymous]
  • Incident #451 New York City, NY
    4-5 cops cross the barrier to grab a woman from the crowd and wrestle her to the ground. Officers claim she spat on them. Unclear how given, you know, physics. [@SnarlsDeGaulle]
  • Incident #450.1 Detroit, MI
    Video of the aftermath of 450 above out of Detroit MI. [@PullupPete]
  • Incident #448 Denver, CO
    protestors move out of the street so an ambulance can get past. With them bunched into a confined space on the sidewalk, police use it as an opportune time to open fire on them without warning. The cameraman takes a bullet to the arm. [CW: blood] [Anonymous]
  • Incident #446.2 Cinciatti, OH
    Still more footage of 446 out of Cincinnati OH. How many Cincinnati cops does it take to taze and arrest one man who's not doing anything wrong? Looks like at least a dozen here...
  • Incident #446.1 Cinciatti, OH
    More footage of 446 out of Cincinnati OH, where police arrested a black business owner for a curfew violation while he was working (an exemption to curfew). Turns out a cop blocked him from going back inside as they demanded
  • Incident #446 Cinciatti, OH
    police arrest a black business owner for painting on the windows of his own business. Cincinnati's curfew included an exemption for work-related activity) [@gwstoulouse]
  • Incident #443 Camden, DE
    police arrest a reporter for asking why peaceful protestors were being arrested. [https://facebook.com/doverpost/videos/3598774303482628/?d=t]
  • Incident #442 Tampa, FL
    police shoot a protestor in the back of the head, then open fire on the nurse applying first aid [@Satellit3Heart]
  • Incident #441.1 Oakland, CA
    Street-level view of 441 above. Looks like one person throws a water bottle, so Oakland cops open fire on everybody. Very proportional. [@byjacobward]
  • Incident #441 Oakland, CA
    a student-led protest turns into a war zone (6/1) [@LilCocoBabe]
  • Incident #440 Atlanta, GA
    National Guard shoving protestors over a retaining wall for sport. (Can't read the cross street, looks like Paces Ferry Road NW and Glen Arden Drive NW?)[Anonymous]
  • Incident #439 Ashbury Park, NJ
    a cop manhandles a woman half his size, then his cop buddies arrest a reporter for live-streaming it [https://northjersey.com/story/news/local/how-we-live/2020/06/01/app-reporter-apparently-arrested-asbury-park-george-floyd-protest/5314750002/] Note: New Jersey falls under the federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled in 2017 (Fields v City of Phila., 862 F3d 353) that there is a clearly established First Amendment-protected right to film police performing their duties in public
  • Incident #438 Fort Lauderdale, FL
    police shoot a black woman in the face for sport [CW: blood][@MrEvanRoss]
  • Incident #436 Beavercreek, OH
    police fire teargas into a peaceful protest. Afterward, they had the audacity to kneel with the people they'd just gassed for a photo op [@b0ywxnder]
  • Incident #435 Asheville, NC
    police shoot a guy in the neck/face with a pepperball [@ILTTS]
  • Incident #432.1 Houston, TX
    Another angle on 432 in Houston TX. [@martimag19]
  • Incident #431 Charlotte, NC
    police arrest a representative from The Bail Project before they're slated to speak at a protest by Charlotte-Mecklenburg's public defenders. [@kaitlinwa24]
  • Incident #430.1 Portland, OR
    another mashup of multiple videos showing the chaos and violence by police [@Bionic_Sloth] (duplicate of 430)
  • Incident #430 Seattle, WA
    another mashup of multiple videos showing the chaos and violence by police [@Bionic_Sloth]. (duplicate of 430.1)
  • Incident #429 Seattle, WA
    a mashup of multiple cameras, notice the top left where SPD blows away a journalist
  • Incident #428.1 , National
    Another video supercut of some of the lawlessness from the last few days. The cops are rioting. [@JordanUhl]
  • Incident #427 Pittsburgh, PA
    different officers give different directions about where a man is allowed to go. When he doesn't move quickly enough, one throws a teargas canister directly at his feet and then shoots him in the chest for sport. [https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2020/06/03/protester-hopes-cell-phone-video-clears-his-name/]
  • Incident #425 Seattle, WA
    police shoot someone directly in the chest with a flash-bang grenade. [@chaseburnsy]
  • Incident #424.1 Seattle, WA
    Another angle on 424 in Seattle? [@abolishICE___]
  • Incident #424 Seattle, WA
    how many Seattle cops and National Guardsmen does it take to beat one homeless person? Looks like at least 6 here. (I bet Seattle would save a bundle if they spent some of their teargas budget on social services that help the homeless) [@slydesilva]
  • Incident #420.6 Seattle, WA
    Another angle on 420 above out of Seattle, this time from the other side of the street where the shooter surrendered
  • Incident #420.5 Seattle, WA
    Another angle, this time with audio, on 420 above in Seattle
  • Incident #420.4 Seattle, WA
    "But T. Greg," you ask, "he's not a cop so why did this get assigned number 420?" Because after a week of police indiscriminately shooting unarmed and peaceful protestors, take a wild guess how they handled this guy? [@luvmemuch]
  • Incident #420.2 Seattle, WA
    A third angle on 420 in Seattle. [@Jim_Brunner]
  • Incident #420.1 Seattle, WA
    Another angle on 420 in Seattle. [@chaseburnsy]
  • Incident #420 Seattle, WA
    a man drives into the crowd of protestors in downtown Seattle, shoots a guy as he gets out of the car, then makes his way through the crowd to the police to turn himself in. 3 more vids coming on this... [@SeanNyberg]
  • Incident #419 Portland, OR
    6/5, cops hop off the side of a police van and immediately open fire. [@bigpieceoftoast]
  • Incident #416 Los Angeles, CA
    unarmed protestors have their hands raised standing still. LAPD shoots them for sport anyway. [@MattMcGorry]
  • Incident #411 Akron, OH
    police shoot a teargas canister at a peaceful protestor [Reddit @ https://reddit.com/r/Ohio/comments/gtr6p3/cops_gassing_the_protest_on_high_st_and_exchange/]
  • Incident #410 Dallas, TX
    unarmed protestor shot by DPD for shouting [@bubbaprog]
  • Incident #409 New York City, NY
    SoHo circa 1am, NYPD bashes out the windows of a car, rips out the occupants, and beats the sh*t out of them both [Anonymous]
  • Incident #408 Portland, OR
    police tackle a guy on a bike as he's trying to leave. And this video is from one of the cops' own cameras [@akamikeb]
  • Incident #407 Seattle, WA
    nighttime view of 405, police get super-aggressive with the tear gas – check this out by the end. Yikes. [@chaseburnsy]
  • Incident #406 New York City, NY
    police chase after protestors as they're backing away, to beat them for sport. (I don't *think* we have this one yet, but if this ties in with any of the other NYC vids in the thread please reply here) [@brandon212_]
  • Incident #405 Seattle, WA
    6/7 protest descends into chaos. [@menilivne]
  • Incident #404 Denver, CO
    more chaos, along with indiscriminate use of flash-bang grenades and pepper spray. [TikTok @ https://vm.tiktok.com/ojUGbU/]
  • Incident #403 Denver, CO
    police rip a sign out of the hands of a peaceful protestor, then pepper-spray them in the face for sport. [TikTok @ https://tiktok.com/@yazzdazzz/video/6832899302566661382]
  • Incident #402 Denver, CO
    effects of being hit in the face with a "less lethal" round. CW: severe gore. [TikTok @ https://tiktok.com/@yazzdazzz/video/6832895812771646725]
  • Incident #401.1 San Jose, CA
    Another angle on 401 in San Jose CA. [@greyponciano]
  • Incident #401 San Jose, CA
    SJPD shoots a protestor while he's on the ground
  • Incident #400 San Jose, CA
    police shooting rounds at close range into unarmed peaceful protestors outside City Hall. [@venomwithinher]
  • Incident #399.1 Hoover, AL
    Street-level view of 399 above out of Hoover AL. I'm told the girl in yellow and her dog are both OK
  • Incident #399 Hoover, AL
    police force everyone onto a hill, then beat the sh*t out of everyone who can't make it up there fast enough. Several, including the woman in the yellow dress, were pepper-sprayed after being handcuffed
  • Incident #398 New York City, NY
    NYPD cop repeatedly assaulting two protestors as they're walking away [@anrao]
  • Incident #396 Denver, CO
    police shoot a guy at point-blank range for sport. [Reddit (@2020police) @ https://reddit.com/r/2020PoliceBrutality/comments/gxgb1t/denver_police_knocking_a_kid_out_and_losing/]
  • Incident #395 Seattle, WA
    thread on SPD attacking a medic tent on 6/6-7: https://twitter.com/velaharigaming/status/1269685373816332289
  • Incident #394 New York City, NY
    NYPD hires an event staging company to lead pro-cop chants for the cameras to make it seem like they have popular support. (see thread debunking this stunt here: https://twitter.com/saraqdavid/status/1269600438501982210?s=21) [@BillWeirCNN]
  • Incident #391 Oklahoma City, OK
    police teargas peaceful protestors. [@benfelder_okc]
  • Incident #390 Oklahoma City, OK
    police trying to seize signs and using force against peaceful protestors. This clip is part of the montage at 358 too.
  • Incident #389 Oklahoma City, OK
    how many OKC cops does it take to arrest one man? I count 2, maybe 3? [@bootycasket]
  • Incident #388 Oklahoma City, OK
    police choking out and pepper-spraying a protestor. [@bootycasket]
  • Incident #386.1 New York City, NY
    More on 386 in NYC. [@marskc]
  • Incident #386 New York City, NY
    police beat the sh*t out of people for having a stoop BBQ on their own property. News reports indicate it was a birthday party. [@truck_nuts_shoe]
  • Incident #385 Lakewood, NJ
    police dressing (poorly) as "undercover Jews" to monitor protestors. [@themishpacha]
  • Incident #380 Los Angeles, CA
    cop pulls a gun on a random black guy at the park, yells at him at gunpoint to get on his knees... ...then gets told "you've got the wrong guy," says "my bad," and leaves [@mrwillmartin]
  • Incident #378 Portland, OR
    PDX cop beats and pepper-sprays someone for filming an arrest. Footage caught by hellicopter. The federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled – in the 1990s! – that you have a 1A right to record police. [@coffin_kenny]. (The original tweet said the footage was captures by a surveillance camera, but @Greg_doucette corrected in a separate tweet https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1269692640800497664)
  • Incident #377 Portland, OR
    a police officer shouts "YOU WERE STANDING TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS" as the basis to arrest 2 people behind a car. Another PDX cop then threatens a journalist with arrest if he doesn't stop filming. [@AlexMilanTracy]
  • Incident #376 Portland, OR
    police push one guy, so another tries to record with his phone. A group of PDX cops then club the everlasting sh*t out the guy recording. [@AlexMilanTracy]
  • Incident #375 Seattle, WA
    more video of how Seattle PD gives an order to disperse, but then uses their bike cops to prevent people from dispersing – and then shoots them when they don't. Lawlessness. [@MikeApe7]
  • Incident #374 Portland, OR
    police turning downtown Portland into a war zone. The cops are rioting. [@PDXzane]
  • Incident #369 Richmond, VA
    remember I mentioned up-thread a video of a Richmond officer spitting on an arrestee but we couldn't confirm it? There's new footage. One officer spits on the arrestee *4* separate times, then another officer spits on them too. [YT @ https://youtu.be/6hLCNhZC7Uo]
  • Incident #368 Austin, TX
    police are deliberately maiming the people they're supposed to serve and protect. Powerful montage from@statesman; you'll see both 175 and 241 in here; [YT @ https://youtube.com/watch?v=c80ELS5uy5E]
  • Incident #367 Portland, OR
    looks like a war zone outside the detention center, as police indiscriminately shoot, bomb, and gas the people they're allegedly supposed to serve and protect. [@StatusCoup]
  • Incident #365 Seattle, WA
    I'm giving these all different numbers because they're all so goddamn outrageous. Read. Then watch. Also, watch thread which starts with: "BREAKING: @SeattlePD using flash bangs to disperse crowd, people throwing things at officers. A piece of one of those bangs just hit my leg. This is quickly getting out of hand. Protesters hadn’t thrown or done anything it seems to provoke this #KOMONews"
  • Incident #363 Seattle, WA
    more Seattle cops repeatedly assaulting a journalist so she'll stop filming. [@Shauna_Sowersby]
  • Incident #362.1 Seattle, WA
    More of 362 in Seattle. This looks like an invading army. Clearly too many cops on the force in Seattle. [@richsssmith]
  • Incident #362 Seattle, WA
    didn't Seattle's mayor say there would be a moratorium on using chemical weapons against citizens? Thinking face. [@richsssmith]
  • Incident #360 Seattle, WA
    police ask a huge crowd to take 5 steps back – then when they realize it's impossible, they indiscriminately start pepper-spraying everyone. Notice the unlawful seizures of private property (umbrellas, a road cone). [@lovebarofficial]
  • Incident #359.2 Merrick, NY
    More of 359 in Merrick NY. Totally peaceful, but police attack anyway. Lawlessness. [@ArchAngel_Dux]
  • Incident #359.1 Merrick, NY
    More of 359 in Merrick NY. This is an insane mob of police with nothing to do. Clearly too many police in Merrick. [@j_king4424]
  • Incident #353.2 Seattle, WA
    Here's the other angle of 353 above one Seattle. [@daeshikjr]
  • Incident #353 Seattle, WA
    how many Seattle cops does it take to arrest a woman with her 9-year-old daughter in the backseat? Looks like at least a dozen minimum. Clearly too many cops in Seattle. [h/t @daeshikjr]
  • Incident #352.2 Bakersfield, CA
    More on 352 after the police arrive. This one leads in to the video at 352. [h/t @datDudeMac777]
  • Incident #352.1 Bakersfield, CA
    More on 352 immediately afternoon Robert Forbes was run over. [h/t @datDudeMac777]
  • Incident #352 Bakersfield, CA
    this guy ran over and killed a black protestor for sport. Notice how the police protect him as he casually smokes a cigarette. [h/t @mvgold_]
  • Incident #350 Pittsburgh, PA
    people – on their knees – try to tell PGH cops that there are people in the parking deck behind them who need medical care. So the cops pepper-spray them for sport. [h/t @messiest_headd]
  • Incident #346.1 Portland, OR
    More of 346 above in Portland as police push people back. Sounds like a war zone. [h/t @MrOlmos]
  • Incident #346 Portland, OR
    more in Portland last night, and a lot of high-def video in this thread. Sharing this one for the bass drummer who keeps going amid the teargas Face with tears of joy. [h/t @MrOlmos]
  • Incident #345 Portland, OR
    now we know why Portland PD asked media to stay away in 340 – there had been an order from the mayor's office not to use teargas, and the police said "LOL f*ck the mayor" and used it anyway. Lawlessness. [h/t @BonnieSilkman]
  • Incident #344 Seattle, WA
    protestors make a path for an ambulance to get to a medical emergency. Seattle PD says "LOL f*ck you" and makes the ambulance go back [h/t @itsjosephryan]
  • Incident #343.1 New York City, NY
    More on 343 above in NYC, of the post-shove arrests. "Here’s video of subsequent arrests that happened on this intersection, via source. An officer can be seen snapping a mugshot of each arrestee before they’re loaded onto an NYPD van."
  • Incident #343 New York City, NY
    police casually shove a guy off his bike at the corner of Norstrand and Crown, then start making arrests. [h/t @C_Sommerfeldt]
  • Incident #342 Providence, RI
    interview with a firefighter about why he's protesting – turns out he was racially profiled and arrested while *on the job* and *in uniform*. Another example of the 5th Rule of @fsckemall [h/t @StephMachado]
  • Incident #341 Washington, DC
    another instance of totally unidentifiable people acting as law enforcement. No nameplates, no badges, no insignia, no uniforms. (Also: no facemasks 🤢) [h/t @bdaviskc]
  • Incident #339 Philadelphia, PA
    Guy runs from cops and dives into a random SUV. So police club him (0:33), but then punch him in the face for sport after he's cuffed (1:44). And arrest the random driver. And arrest someone filming.
  • Incident #337.1 Valdosta, GA
    The Sheriff illegally confiscates the sign for an "investigation"
  • Incident #337 Valdosta, GA
    the Lowndes County Sheriff *literally strangles a protestor* for having a protest sign with "FUCK TRUMP" on it [h/t @airguitarsolos & @adamsteinbaugh]
  • Incident #334 Philadelphia, PA
    cop abruptly grabs a woman for no reason and attacks her, as the other cops assemble and a supervisor yells "why do you always start the violence!" to protestors. The officer who started it? Same as 294. [h/t @tippedminimum]; FOLLOW-UP: So the same Philly cop is 294, and 334..
  • Incident #333 Washington, DC
    check out the video in the tweet quoted here. Moving. "People don't understand he's there because he has to be not because he wants to ... Unlike being a cop and just quitting he will go to jail and get a dishonorable discharge which is dam near a death sentence"
  • Incident #329 Columbus, OH
    protestor gives police the middle finger as they're pepper-spraying people, so another cop speed-walks up to rip the guys mask off so he can be sprayed. [h/t @bwk1992]
  • Incident #328 Columbus, OH
    protest descends into chaos as a guy jawboning at a cop is violently shoved, another cop comes up to indiscriminately pepper-spray everyone, and then the cops attack. Notice them pepper-spray the guy recording, at the end. [FB @ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1137997739900780&id=100010716946743&_rdr]
  • Incident #327.1 New York City, NY
    Longer video of 327 out of New York City
  • Incident #327 New York City, NY
    police kettle protestors into an enclosed area and then start beating them with batons – before curfew. [h/t @ghouldisco]
  • Incident #326 New York City, NY
    same night and locale as 325 above I think, but really soak all of this one in as NYPD officers go out of their way to intimidate / assault / arrest people for First Amendment-protected conduct. [h/t @ZachReports]
  • Incident #325 New York City, NY
    how many NYPD officers does it take to beat one man? I count 4 here [h/t @ZachReports]. I'm told the woman shoved in 325 is a reporter, but don't know who.
  • Incident #324 Los Angeles, CA
    protestor's GoPro bodycam captures an LAPD officer beating the everlasting sh*t out of a guy with his hands up. [h/t @2020Police / https://reddit.com/r/2020PoliceBrutality/comments/gxf4vn/officer_hwang_of_the_lapd_during_saturdays/]
  • Incident #323.3 Lakewood, CA
    And another view of 323 in Lakewood CA. [@Lorrianna_]
  • Incident #323.2 Lakewood, CA
    Another view of 323 in Lakewood CA. [@ityabboy]
  • Incident #323 Lakewood, CA
    police stand still for a bit, then decide to march and open fire on peaceful protestors. The department claims "someone threw a water bottle at them". You'll notice there's no water bottle thrown. [h/t @longway2theguap]
  • Incident #321 Chicago, IL
    video from 5/31 where Chicago PD officers don't have their bodycams and have deliberately covered their name plates to avoid anyone identifying them. [h/t @CHICAGOCREATUR1]
  • Incident #320.1 New York City, NY
    Looks like this is the guy in 320 above? "UPDATE: Mike was released late last night from police custody. Here's his report upon his release."
  • Incident #320 New York City, NY
    there's something viscerally striking about seeing NYPD arresting medics in scrubs weeks after being the global epicenter of COVID-19 infections [h/t @AshAgony]
  • Incident #319 Portland, OR
    319 Portland, OR: police shooting flash-bangs, tear gas, and pepper spray. Bust in silhouette: "Where do I go? Where do I go??" Cop ::blasts pepper spray:: (This may be the same night / area as 243?) [h/t @BeggingDawson]
  • Incident #316 Durham, NC
    DPD briefly closed off a section of E Main Street (in front of their shiny and expensive new police headquarters) so protestors could do a 9-minute "die in" But then somehow let a car slip past the barricades? [h/t @KillaKat21]. Notice there's no warning at all from any of the police that there's a car barreling toward helpless pedestrians. It was protest organizers who shouted for folks to move
  • Incident #314 Des Moines, IA
    white people in a car shout "Black Lives Don't Matter," so Des Moines PD think the appropriate response is to shoot a teargas canister at the car *in front* of the one with people shouting [h/t @SharaneCalister ]
  • Incident #313 Orlando, FL
    peaceful protest outside City Hall turns violent as police open fire with teargas, flash-bangs, and what sounds like rubber bullets
  • Incident #312.1 Minneapolis, MN
    Video for 312 above in Minneapolis MN
  • Incident #311.2 San Diego, CA
    Another video of the 311 roadside abduction in San Diego. [@SdProtest]
  • Incident #311 San Diego, CA
    casual roadside abduction by SDPD in unmarked vans
  • Incident #309.1 Bethesda, MD
    Video for 309 above. He assaults multiple people, including a little girl. Lawlessness
  • Incident #302 Salem, OR
    cop tells armed white supremacists that police are about to teargas the protestors, and "requests" them to "discreetly" stay inside so the supremacists aren't hit too. The cop is asking so protestors don't see them "playing favorites"; Being armed with a water bottle gets you teargas and a bullet to the eye. Being armed with an AR-15 gets you discreet personal advice
  • Incident #301 Whitefish, MT
    we don't know if he's a cop or not, but he's a clearly unhinged Qevin
  • Incident #300 Lincoln, NE
    two cops arrest a woman who's maybe 4' tall? Another repeatedly yells at a group to "GO NOW!"... they leave... but then he decides to have them arrested instead, with some assault thrown in Lawlessness
  • Incident #299 New York City, NY
    NYPD cop repeatedly assaults a journalist, pushing her over and over again with his baton. Looks like same area as in 307.
  • Incident #298 New York City, NY
    arrestees in line to board a detention bus. The man speaking is a janitor non-protestor who was bum-rushed by police for violating curfew as he was getting off of work
  • Incident #296 New York City, NY
    cops arrest a food delivery driver for violating curfew, even though food delivery is an essential service exempt from curfew
  • Incident #295 New York City, NY
    cops indiscriminately beating the sh*t out of everyone in sight, and throwing one guy into a pile of garbage bags
  • Incident #294.5 Philadelphia, PA
    Another angle on 294 in Philadelphia PA
  • Incident #294.3 Philadelphia, PA
    Update on 294 and 334 in Philadephia PA, as FOP cops applaud Joey Bologna as he leaves to turn himself in on felony assault charges for beating protestors unprovoked on two separate occasions. "Bologna Strong" [@KeeleyFox29]
  • Incident #294 Philadelphia, PA
    how many Philly cops does it take to beat one woman? I count two, after the pudgy bastard in white starts beating people with his baton
  • Incident #281.2 New York City, NY
    New York City, NY: thread of videos documenting the NYPD rioting, beating people indiscriminately for sport; "This group is pinned, and a new group of cops just showed up with wooden batons. There was no violence, no bottles. People didn’t even see the cops in front of them til it was too late (interview with a witness at the end)"
  • Incident #277 Portland, OR
    police gas a camp of homeless non-protestors for sport
  • Incident #276 Tampa, FL
    peaceful protest ends in teargas
  • Incident #275 Omaha, NE
    police open fire on unarmed, peaceful protestors as they kneel
  • Incident #260 Phoenix, AZ
    protestor walking home on Saturday night when police tackle him to the ground and beat the sh*t out of him You also hear the standard "STOP RESISTING!" yells that cops always yell even when someone is compliant
  • Incident #259 Fargo, ND
    notice how the officers treat different folks I can't qwhite figure out why
  • Incident #257 Los Angeles, CA
    police shooting at protestors at point-blank range Near the end of the vid @roebotwriter takes a bullet to the stomach
  • Incident #255.1 Merrick, NY
    More out of Merrick NY from 6/2 MAGAts harass protestors, a guy starts asking a Karen questions, cop demands he leave Karen alone
  • Incident #255 Merrick, NY
    assorted Karens and Kevins losing their minds at the mere thought of protestors being allowed to walk up the road So the police block them from doing so; "Community members here in Merrick and surrounding towns adamantly opposed to Nassau police trying to figure out a way to allow protesters to walk up Merrick Road. As of now, police are blocking the protestors. @News12LI"
  • Incident #254 Las Vegas, NV
    this was from one of the first nights, as police just started arresting random people – and targeting journalists
  • Incident #251 St. Johnsbury, VT
    police officer casually throws a woman down a set of concrete stairs [FB @ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3011143412313088&id=100002523772680&_rdr…]. Worth noting that St. Johnsbury VT has a population of about 7,600ish Smaller than NCCU (where I went to law school) If there are this many Antifa Super-Soldiers, in a town that small, protesting like this...
  • Incident #250 Minneapolis, MN
    first-person view as police deliberately target press with teargas and pepper spray, even as several of them have vests with "PRESS" clear across the front and back
  • Incident #249.1 Lansing, MI
    Continuation of 249 above in Lansing MI. [YT @ https://youtu.be/QYFrHGmbO1c]
  • Incident #249 Lansing, MI
    police fire teargas from an entire block away. (You can see the protestors at the top of the screen near the end of the video) [YT @ https://youtu.be/0Oq1h1MwYC0]
  • Incident #247 Iowa City, IA
    police fire teargas and flash-bang grenades on peaceful protestors
  • Incident #246 Huntsville, AL
    compilation of clips from someone's Story, so they're in reverse chronological order You'll see the police opening fire on the crowd first, then later see that everything was peaceful when it happened
  • Incident #245.3 New Orleans, LA
    More of 245 in New Orleans LA
  • Incident #244 Orlando, FL
    officer deliberately covering up his bodycam
  • Incident #243 Portland, OR
    people getting so used to being hit with teargas that they're now mobilizing quickly to neutralize the canisters with road cones
  • Incident #242 New York City, NY
    police block people from using public transit so they can't get home by curfew
  • Incident #241 Austin, TX
    police shot a kid in the head for sport, fracturing his skull. They told fellow protestors to bring them his body so he could get medical care. Then they opened fire as the protestors were carrying the body over as requested
  • Incident #240 Indianapolis, IN
    police teargassing a worship service for sport
  • Incident #235 New York City, NY
    police stealing private property without due process
  • Incident #233 Huntsville, AL
    local reporters try to leave the protest area as they're overwhelmed by tear gas – but then find themselves blocked in my police who won't let them leave Lawlessness
  • Incident #232 Huntsville, AL
    police officer gets out of his car and just walks around casually pepper-spraying people
  • Incident #230 New York City, NY
    NYPD is beating so many people at the same time in this one it's hard to keep track of what's going on Lawlessness (was 230)
  • Incident #229 New York City, NY
    a motorist honks her horn in support of the protestors, so an NYPD White Shirt walks over, leans into the car, and tells her to turn the vehicle off and hand over the keys Then they push another guy over a bike Lawlessness
  • Incident #228 Houston, TX
    how many Houston cops does it take to beat one man? I count at least four here, maybe five And then another pepper-sprays the guy recording it so he'll stop Lawlessness
  • Incident #227 Orlando, FL
    police deliberately box in protestors *before* curfew, forcing them to stay in place until after curfew so they can be arrested This is a violation of the Fourth Amendment
  • Incident #226 New York City, NY
    how many NYPD cops does it take to beat one man? I count three this time
  • Incident #225 Los Angeles, CA
    powerful montage of police violence juxtaposed with a speech from the mayor Another reminder that the love of police brutality is strongly bipartisan
  • Incident #224 Colorado Springs, CO
    how many CSPD cops does it take to beat one man? I count 5 [Full vid @ https://krdo.com/news/top-stories/2020/06/02/cspd-reviewing-arrest-after-video-shows-officers-repeatedly-punch-suspect-at-protest/…]
  • Incident #222.1 Bentonville, AR
    Another angle on 222 in Bentonville AR, as police open fire on unarmed protestors chanting "we want peace". [@courtenay_roche]
  • Incident #222 Bentonville, AR
    protestors peacefully chant "We want peace!" So police shoot them with rubber bullets and teargas
  • Incident #221.1 Raleigh, NC
    Video of 221 above out of Raleigh NC. A few weeks ago downtown was inundated by armed cosplaytriots (#MealTeamSix) protesting that quarantine closures were Literal Fascism. They're conspicuously silent as a business is gassed for providing first aid
  • Incident #220 Seattle, WA
    deploying a busload of riot troops at a peaceful protest Reminder: it's the police who have been escalating the violence
  • Incident #218 Louisville, KY
    police take position on an overpass and *shoot at cars stuck in traffic* for sport Reminder: the police are rioting
  • Incident #217 Washington, DC
    military troops? Cops? Whoever they are, they walk up the fence and start indiscriminately shooting into the backs of the crowd as it runs away
  • Incident #216 New York City, NY
    NYPD has spent taxpayer money on custom fake taxis, so they can arrest innocent protestors who are trying to go home
  • Incident #215 Sacramento, CA
    how many SPD cops does it take to choke out one black man? I'm counting 2-3
  • Incident #213 Salt Lake City, UT
    cop shoots an unarmed protestor at point-blank range for sport
  • Incident #212 Dallas, TX
    police indiscriminately gas peaceful protestors outside Johnsson Central Library
  • Incident #211 Chicago, IL
    an officer runs through the crowd of his colleagues to push down a protestor and start beating the everlasting sh*t out of them for sport
  • Incident #210 Baytown, TX
    police best the sh*t out of two men for sport. You can hear the officer say the white guy is being arrested for "cussing in public". (The First Amendment protects cussing in public)
  • Incident #209 Prince George County, MD
    A police officer beats the sh*t out of someone at a gas station. The department announced 3 officers have been suspended pending investigation. [YT @ https://youtu.be/tvUI6D-LWcE]
  • Incident #208 Portland, OR
    people are trying to clean up the street So a police SUV speeds through trying to run them over for sport
  • Incident #207.1 Oakdale, CA
    Another angle on 207 out of Oakdale CA. [@juliansdayoff22]
  • Incident #207 Oakdale, CA
    about an hour ago, peaceful protest turns violent when a white supremacist attacks people in a car driving by. In addition to what's on video, at least one officer fired multiple rounds in the air – with one hitting a BLM protestor
  • Incident #206.1 Clayton, CA
    Field-level view of 206 above in Clayton CA
  • Incident #206 Clayton, CA
    distance view of police opening fire on kids for curfew violations
  • Incident #205.1 New York City, NY
    Another angle of 205 in New York City, NY where an NYPD cop flung a protestor so hard into a car it knocked them out cold [@adventuresofazi]
  • Incident #205 New York City, NY
    NYPD cop flings a guy into a patrol car with such force that he's knocked out cold and ends up with a concussion
  • Incident #203 Huntington Beach, CA
    police open fire on unarmed protestors laying flat on the ground
  • Incident #202 Cincinatti, OH
    detainees were kept in a courtyard outside the justice center for more than 10 hours with no food, water, or toilet facilities Several more videos like this on Twitter if you search for "Cincinnati courtyard"
  • Incident #201 New York City, NY
    how many NYPD officers does it take to beat one woman? I count at least 4 here
  • Incident #200 Des Moines, IA
    police use pepper-spray in an elevator on apartment residents trying to go home, including on one woman carrying a baby
  • Incident #199 Kalamazoo, MI
    protestors lay on the ground, so cops start shooting teargas canisters at their heads for sport
  • Incident #198 Columbus, OH
    more police destroying private property without due process (Can you imagine how small your [eggplant] must be to have all that body armor and guns and still be afraid of water bottles? Yikes)
  • Incident #197 San Diego, CA
    peaceful protest – downright festive really – interrupted by tear gas and bullets
  • Incident #195 Boston, MA
    cop destroying private property without due process
  • Incident #194 Cincinatti, OH
    the casual banality of evil
  • Incident #192 Philadelphia, PA
    how many Philly cops does it take to beat one man? I count at least 6. Man: "I can't breathe!" Gang of cops: "SHUT UP ASSHOLE! ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID? SHUT UP! THAT SHIT DON'T WORK HERE!"
  • Incident #191 Walnut Creek, CA
    cops casually threatening to murder citizens. Cop: "IF YOU DO NOT MOVE, YOU WILL BE DEAD." [Note well: the Constitution, and the Supreme Court interpreting it, prohibit the use of lethal force in this situation]
  • Incident #190.2 Seattle, WA
    More of 190 above in Seattle. Note the person on a motorized scooter getting caught in a cloud of gas
  • Incident #190 Seattle, WA
    another night of indiscriminate flash-bang and teargas use on peaceful protestors
  • Incident #189 San Jose, CA
    cop casually hitting a guy with his motorcycle and sending him to asphalt as 3 more cops pile on
  • Incident #188 Portland, OR
    casual war-zoning as police shoot into a crowd for fun. [This may be a different area of the same night as 183 above, I can't tell]
  • Incident #187 Portland, OR
    cops defacing private property with spray paint
  • Incident #186 New York City, NY
    asked this before, but how many NYPD cops does it take to beat a woman? Bicyclist abruptly arrested without cause, as at least two cops beat her for sport
  • Incident #183 Portland, OR
    indiscriminate teargas and flash-bang grenade use More videos in the same thread as this one
  • Incident #182 Los Angeles, CA
    police block a street to swarm out and start arresting random motorists for violating curfew
  • Incident #177 Los Angeles, CA
    police doing casual drive-by shootings from the comfort of their SUV
  • Incident #176 Seattle, WA
    police pre-beatings huddle, Popo: "Don't kill 'em. But hit 'em HARD!"
  • Incident #175.1 Austin, TX
    From-a-distance angle of 175 above in Austin TX. Originally I thought police were just shooting and it happened the 16yo boy got hit. Turns out the Austin cops deliberately sniper-shot him in the head with nobody else around him
  • Incident #175 Austin, TX
    police shoot a 16-year-old boy in the head and leave him for dead on the side of the road. https://kxan.com/investigations/everything-we-know-about-the-teenager-officers-shot-in-the-head-with-less-lethal-round-at-austin-protest/ [CW: gore] [YT @ https://youtu.be/-BGyTi-KdKc]
  • Incident #174 Dallas, TX
    police shoot out the left eye of 25yo Brandon Saenz. The news segment includes footage of another protestor shot in the face near his eye as well but don't have a name or his current status. https://wfaa.com/article/news/local/dallas-county/dallas-police-investigating-possible-use-of-force-incidents-saturday/287-1d3851d2-656c-4d40-8eac-7deac44ddf2d
  • Incident #173 San Antonio, TX
    police abruptly open fire into crowd of peaceful protestors. Popo: "Everybody put your hands up!" strts shooting::
  • Incident #168 Charlotte, NC
    police kettle protestors in between two parking decks, then open fire on them. [Excerpt of the @queencitynerve livestream]
  • Incident #167 Orlando, FL
    you see a protestor in gray hoodie walking away with his hands up. A cop rushes into the crowd to grab him so some officers can beat him for sport, then other officers indiscriminately pepper-spray everyone else
  • Incident #166 San Diego, CA
    One set of cops kettle protestors toward another set of cops, so the second set of cops can shoot them
  • Incident #165 Seattle, WA
    not a brutality video, but instead showing the scale of the protestors. *Years* of data – decades likely – have repeatedly proven that crackdowns radicalize people and lead to more protestors. This is what cops rioting causes
  • Incident #164 New York City, NY
    how many NYPD cops does it take to beat one woman? Seems like at least 4-5 here
  • Incident #163.1 Asheville, NC
    More on 163 in Asheville NC above. You can see the destruction from the rioting cops mid-video,
  • Incident #163 Asheville, NC
    police destroy medical supplies and cut open all the water bottles. Creating a tremendous plastic mess outside of Farm Burger
  • Incident #162 Walnut Creek, CA
    police using teargas and bullets on a peaceful protest in broad daylight
  • Incident #161 Athens, GA
    more indiscriminate teargas use
  • Incident #160 Athens, GA
    policing firing teargas and bullets near the UGA campus
  • Incident #155.1 El Centro, CA
    Another angle on 155 above
  • Incident #155 El Centro, CA
    police casually aiming their guns at kids recording on their phones from the roof
  • Incident #154 San Luis Obispo, CA
    police open fire on peaceful protestors with their hands raised. The juxtaposition is striking... Yougn people: "THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!" Cops: ::starts shooting::
  • Incident #151 Hollywood, CA
    guy is live-streaming his walk home from work when police show up and start arresting everyone. Listen close to the officed's radio. "You should not be driving past anyone. Stop where you are, and take someone into custody."
  • Incident #150 Philadelphia, PA
    cop pulls down a protestor's mask to pepper-spray her in the face as she's kneeling with her hands up, then the cop sprays another one, then he pushes over a third to make sure he can pepper-spray them in the face too
  • Incident #149 Des Moines, IA
    Just like #112 above, police terrorize and pepper-spray a journalist so she'll stop reporting
  • Incident #148 Los Angeles, CA
    police open fire for sport on two guys standing still yards away having a conversation with each other
  • Incident #145.1 Columbus, OH
    Columbus Police began spraying protestors around 10:25 at the corner of High and Lane. @m_p_garrison @sarahszilagy and I were also sprayed despite making them aware we are members of @TheLantern. The press is exempt from the curfew.
  • Incident #145 Columbus, OH
    police pepper-spray members of the news media so they'll stop reporting. News media are exempt from the city's curfew
  • Incident #143 Joliet, IL
    Protestors arrested as they're leaving, including one grabbed by the neck and dogpiled by at least 3 cops
  • Incident #142 West Philadelphia, PA
    police shooting teargas down empty streets for sport? I assume there's a purpose for this
  • Incident #141 Atlanta, GA
    four police team up to arrest a photographer, as the nightly news broadcasts it
  • Incident #140.1 Seattle, WA
    Street-level view of 140 above in Seattle WA. The cops are rioting. [full video is 3:31 long, on IG @ https://instagram.com/tv/CA63KMnlVvu/?igshid=hfp3uoaqe23p]
  • Incident #140 Seattle, WA
    overhead view of Seattle PD pepper-spraying protestors, then indiscriminately firing flash bang grenades deep into the crowd
  • Incident #136.1 Washington, DC
    Looks like another angle on 136 in Washington DC, with police pushing and pepper-spraying protestors before the 7pm curfew [@LiteraryMouse]
  • Incident #135 Sacramento, CA
    police open fire on a peaceful crowd – *before* issuing a dispersal order (you'll hear that near the end) – and one of the first things they do is shoot a non-protesting legal observer (and US Navy veteran) in the face
  • Incident #133 Los Angeles, CA
    black store owners call the police to get help with looters. So the police arrest the black store owners who asked for help, (The police do not exist to serve and protect you. They exist to maintain our caste system.)
  • Incident #132.1 Buffalo, NY
    police arrest a man *while he's being interviewed by the press* *with his hands in the air* Lawlessnes
  • Incident #132 Buffalo, NY
    police and National Guard swarm in like Keystone Kops to beat and arrest some people, but then run away as an SUV drives through them and hits at least one officer
  • Incident #130 Omaha, NE
    police shoot protestors with pepperballs, kick several repeatedly after tackling them
  • Incident #129 Atlanta, GA
    as with 128 above, police and National Guard are blocking people from leaving, forcing them to stay out until after curfew so they can be arrested
  • Incident #126 Little Rock, AR
    peaceful protestors, kneeling with hands raised, get blown away by LRPD
  • Incident #123.2 Los Angeles, CA
    tremendous. Local news picked up on 123 above. Keep sharing these videos. It's breaking through "ABC7 SHOCKING VIDEO: LAPD officers seen striking protesters with batons in Fairfax district confrontation https://abc7.la/3dzg9qX"
  • Incident #122 Richmond, VA
    police start using tear gas at peaceful protest near Monument Avenue
  • Incident #121 Atlanta, GA
    police beat the sh*t out of one person, then a male officer breaks away to beat, tackle, and mount the unarmed woman behind him
  • Incident #119.2 Los Angeles, CA
    Looks like a 3rd camera angle of 119 in Los Angeles CA. (First was a 1st-person POV from @kendrick38, second looked like it was on the line, this one is across the street) [@ElieTWMayniac]
  • Incident #119.1 Los Angeles, CA
    Another angle of #119 above Notice the situation is peaceful – until LAPD decides it's time to get violent
  • Incident #119 Los Angeles, CA
    LAPD beat the sh*t out of well-known actor Kendrick Sampson (@kendrick38) Then once they're done beating him, the baton cops back away so another cop can shoot him at close range
  • Incident #118 Los Angeles, CA
    LAPD scanner chatter: "$100 for a n*gger! $50 for a Mexican! Kill 'em all! ... We gotta start shooting to kill, man. Mr. Trump said so."
  • Incident #116 Philadelphia, PA
    four cops brutalize and arrest a man Notice how one cop deliberately put the man's hand on the baton / stick / whatever, just so he could then beat the guy for touching it
  • Incident #115 Denver, CO
    casual conversation between a protestor and riot cop; : "Can I ask you what's going to happen at 8? Sir?"; : "What's gonna happen is we're gonna start beating the fuck out of you."
  • Incident #114 Chicago, IL
    nearly a dozen police officers team up to destroy a car and pull at least one of the occupants out by their head Original poster indicates police stole the car soon thereafter, leaving the driver and another passenger in the lot
  • Incident #113 Philadelphia, PA
    police deliberately herd protestors up an embankment against an unclimbable fence – and then repeatedly gas them all for sport
  • Incident #112 Des Moines, IA
    police teargas and arrest a Des Moines Register reporter so she'll stop tweeting updates
  • Incident #111.2 Indianapolis, IN
    Different angle on 111 out of Indianapolis. From this view you can see the cop grope the woman he's restraining, that's why she breaks away. Then of course a half dozen cops beat her for not wanting to be groped. Lawlessness
  • Incident #111 Indianapolis, IN
    a half-dozen police repeatedly shoot and club a protestor for sport
  • Incident #110 Columbus, OH
    police officer peppersprays 2 people in the face as they silently kneel Then another officer takes their water
  • Incident #107 Los Angeles, CA
    police shoot a USMC veteran in the head for sport
  • Incident #105 Los Angeles, CA
    LAPD sharing a jovial chuckle with a white woman as she spraypaints a building to make it look like it was done by protestors. You can even hear police suggest she write "Floyd" too
  • Incident #103.1 Boston, MA
    Not sure if this is the same day as 103 earlier out of Boston, but it reflects how peaceful the protests were on 5/31 before Boston PD opened fire with teargas. [h/t @Lowkey_ty98]
  • Incident #103 Boston, MA
    multiple police officers beat the everlasting sh*t out of two people for sport, apparently for crossing the street? [FOLLOW-UP: original video deleted, so GTD reported from archive here: https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1273298999391522817]
  • Incident #101 Seattle, WA
    police appear to be trying to break the glass window of whatever business this is at 2nd and Pine?
  • Incident #100 Washington, DC
    police pin a CNN reporter against a wall while another one clubs him in the knee with a baton
  • Incident #99 Miami, FL
    police burst out of their SUV to tackle and arrest a peaceful unarmed protestors talking to them The man was charged with violating the 8:00pm curfew; original poster says the arrest happened ~5:45pm
  • Incident #98 Louisville, KY
    police shoot – and kill – renowned local chef David McAtee; https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2020/06/01/beshear-authorizes-investigation-into-louisville-police-national-guard-shooting/5306733002/
  • Incident #97 Fort Lauderdale, FL
    (also 68.1) white male cop flexing his Big Boy muscles pushes a kneeling black woman down to the ground Then a black female cop pulls him aside and starts yelling at him; like 68 from a different angle, or, so good you just wanted to see it twice; follow-up info https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1268387133066223616
  • Incident #96 Detroit, MI
    police officer yells at and pushes a man who is walking away from him, when a second cop swoops in and shoves the man to the ground, before a third cop sprays the now-helpless-on-the-ground man in the face with OC spray
  • Incident #95 Columbus, OH
    woman is peacefully walking away down the sidewalk So an officer randomly pepper-sprays her from behind
  • Incident #93 Richmond, VA
    police on the hunt with rifles, briefly pointing one at the woman recording
  • Incident #92 Richmond, VA
    officers swarm a car with guns drawn when a woman steps out She's a reporter so they let her continue, but this conduct is wholly unacceptable for regular people too
  • Incident #91 Seattle, WA
    police form a line to force protestors into a tight group against a wall ("kettling"), so they can then repeatedly pepper-spray them without anyone being able to leave
  • Incident #90 Seattle, WA
    as protestors shout about the guy getting arrested after a bike cop deliberately crashed in to him, SPD starts indiscriminately firing tear gas into the crowd
  • Incident #89 Seattle, WA
    same technique as 88 above – bike cop deliberately tries to "pass" where there's clearly not enough room, so he can then make contact and put a protestor into a headlock
  • Incident #88 Seattle, WA
    SPD bike cop crashes into the back of a peaceful unarmed marcher, so other police swarm to arrest the marcher for some reason
  • Incident #87 Los Angeles, CA
    LAPD shoots a man *in his own apartment* recording from his upstairs balcony
  • Incident #85 Jacksonville, FL
    on the right side of the screen, looks like a protestor just milling about gets tackled from behind and arrested
  • Incident #84 San Francisco, CA
    man in light-colored jacket backs away from a police vehicle onto the sidewalk, pulls out his mobile phone to record... ...and is shoved by a police officer back into the path of the vehicle
  • Incident #83 Boston, MA
    police... seem to be bashing out the windshield of their own patrol car?
  • Incident #81 El Paso, TX
    police fire teargas and bullets into peaceful crowd of unarmed protestors
  • Incident #80 Kansas City, MO
    a man is talking to a line of cops at length and from a distance So police approach, pepper-spray him, and arrest him
  • Incident #79 Minneapolis, MN
    police deliberately shoot at a German news crew, live on-air Notice the "PRESS" in all-caps on both sides of the reporter's vest
  • Incident #78.1 Charleston, SC
    police arrested an unarmed black man for talking to them. Notice this same thing happened at 78 in Charleston SC and 80 in Kansas City MO. 31 May 2020. [@chadloder] https://twitter.com/chadloder/status/1275243567812771840/video/1
  • Incident #78 Charleston, SC
    peaceful protestor, kneeling, talks at length to a phalanx of riot cops... ...so they arrest him
  • Incident #77 Fredericksburg, VA
    police escalate and fire tear gas into a peaceful protest
  • Incident #76.1 Raleigh, NC
    Another angle on 76 above in Raleigh, where you can see the guy they repeatedly shot was unarmed with his hands out
  • Incident #75 Murfreesboro, TN
    Officers throw tear gas and a flashbang to disperses crowd near the MTSU sign. All of these protestors did was yell. We watched the whole scene play out. Just a bunch of yelling before the tear gas and flashbang were deployed.
  • Incident #74 Minneapolis, MN
    police responding to a medical emergency – a tanker truck deliberately running over protestors – nonetheless stop to casually pepper-spray folks from the comfort of their SUVs
  • Incident #73 Grand Rapids, MI
    man yells at police from a distance, a police officer walks up and pepper sprays him... ...then another officer shoots him directly in the face with a teargas canister
  • Incident #72.1 Grand Rapids, MI
    another view of 72 - Notice no officers wearing bodycams, and badge numbers are covered so no one can be identified
  • Incident #72 Grand Rapids, MI
    riot cops advance on crowd of unarmed protestors
  • Incident #71.1 New York City, NY
    street-level view of #71
  • Incident #71 New York City, NY
    army of NYPD officers rush and attack literally everyone
  • Incident #70.1 Los Angeles, CA
    A 3rd angle of 70 above in Los Angeles, CA. [@chadloder]
  • Incident #70 Los Angeles, CA
    LAPD officer quickly drives his SUV into a crowd near Pershing Square, hitting what looks like two protestors, then throws it in reverse and speeds away
  • Incident #68 Fort Lauderdale, FL
    police officer hits an unarmed black woman in the head as she's on her knees on the ground
  • Incident #66 Las Vegas, NV
    police arrest one guy minding his own business walking across the street And then, to the unarmed non-protestor filming, point and say "You're next! You're next!"
  • Incident #65 La Mesa, CA
    police casually start throwing flash-bangs and open fire on unarmed protestors standing still with their hands raised
  • Incident #64 Minneapolis, MN
    in the tweet above this one, a reporter notes that all of the tires for all the cars in a parking lot have been slashed. Turns out protestors caught the Minneapolis PD and National Guard on camera doing the slashing
  • Incident #63 San Diego, CA
    Police shoot an unarmed protestor between the eyes
  • Incident #62 Charleston, SC
    Armored Personnel Carrier plows into a woman's car in the intersection downtown
  • Incident #61 Austin, TX
    police shoot an unarmed pregnant woman, rush over to where she's receiving medical attention – then, after they remove her, start shooting all the other unarmed protestors
  • Incident #60.1 Richmond, VA
    Shorter in-Twitter video of 60 above – and poster notes that the police sprayed random girls before spraying the guy in his apartment; https://twitter.com/CWillis_Worm/status/1267209188968669188
  • Incident #59 Denver, CO
    non-protestors stuck in traffic get hit by a stray shot from police. The driver gets out, yells at police that there's a pregnant woman in the passenger seat... ...so a bunch of police repeatedly shoot the car
  • Incident #56 Denver, CO
    police – leaving – do a parting goodbye shot with a pepperball to stop an unarmed protestor from recording
  • Incident #55 San Antonio, TX
    police walking up to shoot a peaceful unarmed protestor in the arm at close range so he'll stop recording Then shooting him a second time in the leg
  • Incident #54 Atlanta, GA
    Destroying a young black guy's car and then repeatedly assaulting both occupants (reported to be two local college students trying to get home)
  • Incident #53 Louisville, KY
    forgot to add this one in earlier. Police loot medical supplies, destroys others, as cops push protestors back to stop them from recording This violates the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution btw
  • Incident #52 Sacramento, CA
    police shoot out a young black boy's eye for sport; link https://twitter.com/chadloder/status/1267029301389492224
  • Incident #51 New York City, NY
    NYPD officer (white shirt, higher rank of some sort) pushes a barricade into protestors, eventually knocks it over because he's a moron, then climbs over it so he can rush into the crowd to beat an unarmed woman
  • Incident #50 Columbus, OH
    a peaceful woman stands still holding a sign, quite a distance from police, as another man holds his bike in front of her to shield her
  • Incident #49 New York City, NY
    NYPD (Lt? Sgt? White shirt) pins down a medic with his knee, as another officer tries to push back anyone attempting to record
  • Incident #48.2 New York City, NY
    Update on 48 in New York City NY, where an NYPD officer pulled off a peaceful protestor's mask and pepper-sprayed him. The bodycam footage has been released, the officer has been suspended w/o pay, and he's been referred to the police disciplinary board
  • Incident #48 New York City, NY
    an NYPD officer *removes the mask* from a peaceful protestor, so he could then mace him in the face
  • Incident #47 Minneapolis, MN
    police deliberately target a CBS crew, shooting the sound engineer with a rubber bullet "They're sighting us in, dude!" Notice the reporters are *nowhere near* any protestors or police
  • Incident #46 Minneapolis, MN
    police shoot rubber bullets and teargas at a reporter and his crew, as they're broadcasting live on-air
  • Incident #45 Erie, PA
    police pepper-spray a peaceful protestor, then kick her over for sport
  • Incident #44 Cleveland, OH
    police beating assorted protestors outside their justice building, including one officer swinging his baton in front of him back and forth like a f*cking moron
  • Incident #42 Minneapolis, MN
    Minneapolis Police called our journalist the "entire problem" & threatened he "would get baked" as he filmed them at 31st & Blaisdell after curfew a block away from #GeorgeFloydProtests at the 5th Precinct.
  • Incident #41 Seattle, WA
    police arrest a protestor using the same knee-on-neck technique used to murder #GeorgeFloyd Another protestor yells "GET YOUR FUCKING KNEE OFF HIS NECK" – at which point the *other* officer forcibly moves the first officer's leg
  • Incident #39 Chicago, IL
    police attack John Cusack for filming The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals was the first – in 1995, decades ago – that there's a First Amendment-guaranteed right to record public police activity
  • Incident #38 Chicago, IL
    reporter streaming live on Periscope, holds up his press pass and shouts "PRESS!" – so police pepper-spray him to stop him from broadcasting (video from @lhwaldron)
  • Incident #35 Columbus, OH
    pepper-spraying peaceful unarmed protestors as they sit on the ground
  • Incident #34 Los Angeles, CA
    LAPD tackling one unarmed protestor and indiscriminately beating others with their batons
  • Incident #33 Denver, CO
    police caught on camera pushing a reporter into an open fire
  • Incident #32.2 Seattle, WA
    7 Seattle PD cops showed up to arrest the man who took the video of the child sprayed with mace. [@maggieangel19]
  • Incident #31 Philadelphia, PA
    hitting a reporter and trying to knock down their camera to block them from filming as officers dogpile an unarmed black man
  • Incident #30 Minneapolis, MN
    police in Minneapolis deliberately shoot at – and then arrest – a reporter as he's walking away and trying to comply with police orders to back up
  • Incident #22.2 San Jose, CA
    here’s another video with the same guy screaming “let’s get this motherfucker” as if it were a game. [not in TGD thread, but a reply to #22]
  • Incident #0.52 Louisville, KY
    non-police action so no number, but a man opens fire on peaceful protestors for sport. 1 person was killed at the scene, another injured. No arrests yet based on most recent reporting.[@JBernardBoyle / @0000maxwell / @Maxwellsounds]
  • Incident #0.48 Tuscon, AZ
    pre-protest so no number. TPD summarily executed a Latino man by restraining him – handcuffed, face down – for 12 minutes. 27yo Carlos Lopez went into cardiac arrest & died at the scene, caught on bodycam. Cops then hid the video for 2 months. Link to story: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/24/us/tucson-police-carlos-ingram-lopez-death.html?referringSource=articleShare
  • Incident #0.472 Miami Gardens, FL
    [REPOST] [Original tweet deleted] Miami Gardens, FL: a MGPD cop has been fired and charged with battery, after bystander video shows him kneeling on a black woman's throat and tasing her belly 2x. Story: https://miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article243794517.html Video: [@DavidOvalle305]
  • Incident #0.47 Miami Gardens, FL
    pre-protests so no number, but a MGPD officer has been arrested after video is released showing him kneeling on an unarmed black woman's neck while also tasing her. She was pregnant, and lost the baby because of this. [@DavidOvalle305]
  • Incident #0.46 Hamilton County, TN
    4 deputies take turns clubbing the everlasting sh*t out of Reginald Arrington Jr, for the truly heinous crime of ::checks notes:: walking on the wrong side of the road. [@TravisWRCB]
  • Incident #631 Portland, OR
    the PPB has determined that their nightly Running of the Swine and related cop-rioting has cost Portland taxpayers $6,200,000.00+ in just a few weeks. Insanity. Link to story: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/police/news/read.cfm?id=250912
  • Incident #0.4 Seaside Heights, NJ
    pre-protest so not assigning a number to this 2018 video. Man approached for "suspicious operation of a bicycle," he notes he doesn't have to talk to cops, then is arrested for no bell on bike. Story: https://nj.com/ocean/2018/09/watch_bicyclist_cited_for_no_bell_on_bike_in_seasi.html .Video:
  • Incident #22.4 San Jose, CA
    Looks like another angle on 22 above out of San Jose CA. Notice how a cop pushes another one out of the way *just* so he can take a turn putting his knee on someone's neck [@DeadByDawn101]
  • Incident #23.1 Columbus, OH
    Looks like another angle on 23 above out of Columbus OH, as police indiscriminately pepper-spray peaceful protestors [h/t @TheLantern]
  • Incident #29.1 Minneapolis, MN
    Different angle of 29 above out of Minneapolis, where police slammed a VICE News reporter to the ground and another pepper-sprayed him. You can see everything from this vantage point (original was 1st person
  • Incident #22.3 San Jose, CA
    Y'all remember the psycho cop in 22 out of San Jose? Licking his lips at the thought of shooting people, then yelling "SHUT UP BITCH!" to a protestor? Here's street-level vid showing SJPD fired the first shot
  • Incident #27 Raleigh, NC
    an hours-long peaceful protest turns violent as police indiscriminately fire teargas into the crowd
  • Incident #28 Raleigh, NC
    an earlier separate section of Raleigh NC police shooting pepperballs into peaceful and unarmed protestors
  • Incident #29 Minneapolis, MN
    forcing a reporter to the ground, then deliberately pepper-spraying him in the face at close range for sport
  • Incident #26 Minneapolis, MN
    National Guard and Minneapolis PD officers illegally demand taxpayers stop filming from their porch and go inside – you'll hear "Light 'em up!" as they then shoot at these people *WHO ARE ON THEIR OWN PORCH*
  • Incident #25 New York City, NY
    a pair of NYPD officers in SUVs decide to do a Tiananmen Square – quickly running over several unarmed protestors for sport
  • Incident #23 Columbus, OH
    Unarmed protestors peacefully chanting when officers start randomly pepper-spraying them for sport
  • Incident #22.1 San Jose, CA
    This appears to be the same officer in 22 above, licking his lips in anticipation of getting to shoot civilians. Unhinged. link: https://twitter.com/bowiezamudio/status/1266598285206106113
  • Incident #22 San Jose, CA
    hard to figure out what's going on here – a clearly-amped officer shouts "SHUT UP, BITCH!" to a protestor, then something happens and the police bum-rush everyone
  • Incident #21 Harrisburg, PA
    protestors try to help someone stand up; police wait until the person is halfway up before pepper-spraying the helpers in the face for sport
  • Incident #19 Detroit, MI
    an officer charges through a group of other officers to attack a protestor who is backing away (timestamp 0:13-0:17); link - https://twitter.com/joeguillen/status/1266563974658744321
  • Incident #18 Columbus, OH
    police, unprovoked, pepper-spraying a United States Congresswoman and several other elected officials for sport; link: https://twitter.com/KRobPhoto/status/1266796191469252610
  • Incident #17 Atlanta, GA
    a bike cop picks up his bike and uses it to push over an unarmed protestor for sport; link : https://twitter.com/Brittm_tv/status/1266497944796225538
  • Incident #15 Atlanta, GA
    deploying a... kid militia?
  • Incident #13 Denver, CO
    intentionally pepper-spraying anyone recording police brutality, outside the state's capitol grounds
  • Incident #9 Minneapolis, MN
    shooting a random protestor in the neck with a rubber bullet, then detonating more flash-bangs
  • Incident #8 Minneapolis, MN
    detonating flashbang grenades in a docile crowd of unarmed protestors for sport
  • Incident #5 Las Vegas, NV
    beating a variety of unarmed protestors for sport
  • Incident #3 New York City, NY
    doing an intentional hit-and-run with a car door to an unarmed protestor standing in the non-vehicular bike lane
  • Incident #2 New York City, NY
    Shoving an unarmed woman to the curb, prompting a seizure that put her in the emergency room
  • Incident #6 Fort Wayne, IN
    pepper-spraying a variety of unarmed protestors for sport
  • Incident #4 New York City, NY
    NYPD were just beating a variety of people earlier tonight because they could
  • Incident #12 Louisville, KY
    police in Louisville KY – who just watched police in Minneapolis MN arrest a CNN reporter live on-air – say "hold my whiskey" and deliberately shoot a reporter and her cameraman
  • Incident #10 Minneapolis, MN
    Police arresting CNN reportes on air [h/t to @KSeyiA for link]
  • Incident #1 Houston, TX
    trampling a peaceful protestor with a horse
  • Incident #7 Minneapolis, MN
    Minneapolis PD officer in an SUV indiscriminately sprays random citizens with pepper spray from his car window