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Incident #22.1

San Jose, CA


This appears to be the same officer in 22 above, licking his lips in anticipation of getting to shoot civilians. Unhinged. link: https://twitter.com/bowiezamudio/status/1266598285206106113

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  • Incident #401.1 San Jose, CA
    Another angle on 401 in San Jose CA. [@greyponciano]
  • Incident #401 San Jose, CA
    SJPD shoots a protestor while he's on the ground
  • Incident #400 San Jose, CA
    police shooting rounds at close range into unarmed peaceful protestors outside City Hall. [@venomwithinher]
  • Incident #189 San Jose, CA
    cop casually hitting a guy with his motorcycle and sending him to asphalt as 3 more cops pile on
  • Incident #22.2 San Jose, CA
    here’s another video with the same guy screaming “let’s get this motherfucker” as if it were a game. [not in TGD thread, but a reply to #22]
  • Incident #22.4 San Jose, CA
    Looks like another angle on 22 above out of San Jose CA. Notice how a cop pushes another one out of the way *just* so he can take a turn putting his knee on someone's neck [@DeadByDawn101]
  • Incident #22.3 San Jose, CA
    Y'all remember the psycho cop in 22 out of San Jose? Licking his lips at the thought of shooting people, then yelling "SHUT UP BITCH!" to a protestor? Here's street-level vid showing SJPD fired the first shot
  • Incident #22 San Jose, CA
    hard to figure out what's going on here – a clearly-amped officer shouts "SHUT UP, BITCH!" to a protestor, then something happens and the police bum-rush everyone