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Incident #92

Richmond, VA


officers swarm a car with guns drawn when a woman steps out She's a reporter so they let her continue, but this conduct is wholly unacceptable for regular people too

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  • Incident #657 Richmond, VA
    you hear police yelling among themselves "Grab somebody! Get ahold of somebody!" Then an officer runs across the street and shoves a guy on a bike to the ground [@woznyphoto]
  • Incident #648.3 Richmond, VA
    More on the Richmond VA warzone last night at 648. Police deploying teargas, firing flash-bang grenades, etc – including into the cars of non-protestors just trying to get through downtown [@aeringle]
  • Incident #648.2 Richmond, VA
    More of last night's warzone in Richmond VA at 648. I'm sure the neighboring residences appreciate being saturated with teargas by police. [@JLJLovesRVA]
  • Incident #648.1 Richmond, VA
    Another camera angle on 648 in Richmond VA. [@woznyphoto]
  • Incident #648 Richmond, VA
    another nightly warzone in downtown Richmond, as police deliberately launch a flash-bang at a journalist and shoot at least one protestor in the face for sport. 26 June 2020. [@JLJLovesRVA]
  • Incident #520.1 Richmond, VA
    More of 520 in Richmond VA. [@aeringle]
  • Incident #520 Richmond, VA
    another night of police firing indiscriminately on peaceful protestors outside the RPD headquarters. [@aeringle]
  • Incident #504.2 Richmond, VA
    Yet another angle of 504 in Richmond VA. [@JLJLovesRVA]
  • Incident #504.1 Richmond, VA
    Another angle of 504 in Richmond VA [@hannaheason_]
  • Incident #504 Richmond, VA
    police set up a vehicle barricade outside their HQ. Protestors gather outside the perimeter and protest peacefully – so police arrest someone with a bullhorn and start spraying pepper-spray everywhere. [@GoadGatsby]
  • Incident #486.1 Richmond, VA
    Another angle on 486 in Richmond VA [@tiagoswoons]
  • Incident #486 Richmond, VA
    police jumping the curb to do a Tiananmen Square in his SUV [@BreRVA]
  • Incident #369 Richmond, VA
    remember I mentioned up-thread a video of a Richmond officer spitting on an arrestee but we couldn't confirm it? There's new footage. One officer spits on the arrestee *4* separate times, then another officer spits on them too. [YT @ https://youtu.be/6hLCNhZC7Uo]
  • Incident #122 Richmond, VA
    police start using tear gas at peaceful protest near Monument Avenue
  • Incident #93 Richmond, VA
    police on the hunt with rifles, briefly pointing one at the woman recording
  • Incident #60.1 Richmond, VA
    Shorter in-Twitter video of 60 above – and poster notes that the police sprayed random girls before spraying the guy in his apartment; https://twitter.com/CWillis_Worm/status/1267209188968669188