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Incident #427

Pittsburgh, PA


different officers give different directions about where a man is allowed to go. When he doesn't move quickly enough, one throws a teargas canister directly at his feet and then shoots him in the chest for sport. [https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2020/06/03/protester-hopes-cell-phone-video-clears-his-name/]

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  • Incident #515 Pittsburgh, PA
    multiple officers arrest and pin a woman to the ground, while another grabs a teargas canister to throw at people recording the arrest. The cops are rioting. [@RyanDeto]
  • Incident #350 Pittsburgh, PA
    people – on their knees – try to tell PGH cops that there are people in the parking deck behind them who need medical care. So the cops pepper-spray them for sport. [h/t @messiest_headd]