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Incident #241

Austin, TX


police shot a kid in the head for sport, fracturing his skull. They told fellow protestors to bring them his body so he could get medical care. Then they opened fire as the protestors were carrying the body over as requested

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  • Incident #505 Austin, TX
    police shoot an unarmed protestor in the face. [CW: gore] The rubber bullet gets lodged into the side of her face and is bleeding everywhere. [@randomjhovall]. -- CLARIFICATION: I'm told that's the remnants of a beanbag round lodged in the protestor's face, not a rubber bullet
  • Incident #368 Austin, TX
    police are deliberately maiming the people they're supposed to serve and protect. Powerful montage from@statesman; you'll see both 175 and 241 in here; [YT @ https://youtube.com/watch?v=c80ELS5uy5E]
  • Incident #175.1 Austin, TX
    From-a-distance angle of 175 above in Austin TX. Originally I thought police were just shooting and it happened the 16yo boy got hit. Turns out the Austin cops deliberately sniper-shot him in the head with nobody else around him
  • Incident #175 Austin, TX
    police shoot a 16-year-old boy in the head and leave him for dead on the side of the road. https://kxan.com/investigations/everything-we-know-about-the-teenager-officers-shot-in-the-head-with-less-lethal-round-at-austin-protest/ [CW: gore] [YT @ https://youtu.be/-BGyTi-KdKc]
  • Incident #61 Austin, TX
    police shoot an unarmed pregnant woman, rush over to where she's receiving medical attention – then, after they remove her, start shooting all the other unarmed protestors