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Incident #359.2

Merrick, NY


More of 359 in Merrick NY. Totally peaceful, but police attack anyway. Lawlessness. [@ArchAngel_Dux]

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  • Incident #359.1 Merrick, NY
    More of 359 in Merrick NY. This is an insane mob of police with nothing to do. Clearly too many police in Merrick. [@j_king4424]
  • Incident #255.1 Merrick, NY
    More out of Merrick NY from 6/2 MAGAts harass protestors, a guy starts asking a Karen questions, cop demands he leave Karen alone
  • Incident #255 Merrick, NY
    assorted Karens and Kevins losing their minds at the mere thought of protestors being allowed to walk up the road So the police block them from doing so; "Community members here in Merrick and surrounding towns adamantly opposed to Nassau police trying to figure out a way to allow protesters to walk up Merrick Road. As of now, police are blocking the protestors. @News12LI"