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  • Incident #660 Portland, OR
    police bathing unarmed non-violent protestors in pepper spray for sport. 27 June 2020. [@KohzKah]
  • Incident #653 Portland, OR
    another nightly Running of the Swine. I particularly enjoy the cops shouting "GET OUT OF HERE!"... while shoving people to the ground so they can't leave. It's almost like brutalizing ppl is more important to them? Thinking face. [@KohzKah]. Date is 26-27 June 2020.
  • Incident #562.2 Portland, OR
    Still more on 562 in Portland OR. Sounds like the police opened fire long before they ordered anyone to disperse. On Juneteenth. The cops are rioting; video in linked tweet
  • Incident #541 Portland, OR
    police repeatedly shoot protestors in the back as they're walking away – complying with police orders to leave. Lawlessness. [IG: https://instagram.com/tv/CA9pRwWpXwR/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link; full video is 4min+]
  • Incident #525 Portland, OR
    cop threatening a journalist with arrest and positioning himself to prevent any video of another cop mistreating an arrestee. [@AlexMilanTracy]
  • Incident #524 Portland, OR
    another night of the PDX Running of the Swine, as ~30 cops chase after 2 unarmed teenagers. Looks like at least 28 positions that can be defunded... [@tuckwoodstock]
  • Incident #522.1 Portland, OR
    Another angle on 522 of PDX cops threatening a reporter with arrest if he doesn't literally run away from them [@MrOlmos]
  • Incident #522 Portland, OR
    police threaten to arrest an @OPB reporter if he doesn't run. Reporter: "We're moving". Cop: "You've been given warnings, so if you don't move faster you're gonna go to jail." Reporter: "So you want us to run?" Cop: "Yes I do" [@MrOlmos]
  • Incident #509 Portland, OR
    the police casually declare themselves to be above the First Amendment. But do give a very close listen starting at the [1:53] mark Winking faces
  • Incident #503 Portland, OR
    an elderly gentleman falls to the ground. A protector tries to help him up, but is instead shoved away by police. [@tuckwoodstock]
  • Incident #502 Portland, OR
    separate from the Running of the Swine, here PDX cops tell a protestor to get on their bike – but then instantly arrest them when they attempt to do so [@mossyrocc]
  • Incident #491.2 Portland, OR
    More of 491 in Portland OR, as you hear a woman screaming while she's being groped by a cop, just before Portland police light people up with tear gas and flash-bang grenades [@mapthep]
  • Incident #491.1 Portland, OR
    More of 491 in Portland OR, as police shoot at protestors while they're walking away as commanded. [@alex_zee]
  • Incident #491 Portland, OR
    another night of Portland's Running of the Swine, this time attacking a journalist with the Portland Tribune; "Portland Police charge protesters tonight. Officer: Move! Me: MEDIA! Officer: I don’t give a shit! Go! ; I was shoved into the wall, then hit in the heel by some sort of crowd control munition. I’m fine"
  • Incident #485 Portland, OR
    Running of the Bulls, PDX Style. Police bull rush protestors while shooting them as they run away. [@MrOlmos]
  • Incident #430.1 Portland, OR
    another mashup of multiple videos showing the chaos and violence by police [@Bionic_Sloth] (duplicate of 430)
  • Incident #419 Portland, OR
    6/5, cops hop off the side of a police van and immediately open fire. [@bigpieceoftoast]
  • Incident #408 Portland, OR
    police tackle a guy on a bike as he's trying to leave. And this video is from one of the cops' own cameras [@akamikeb]
  • Incident #378 Portland, OR
    PDX cop beats and pepper-sprays someone for filming an arrest. Footage caught by hellicopter. The federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled – in the 1990s! – that you have a 1A right to record police. [@coffin_kenny]. (The original tweet said the footage was captures by a surveillance camera, but @Greg_doucette corrected in a separate tweet https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1269692640800497664)
  • Incident #377 Portland, OR
    a police officer shouts "YOU WERE STANDING TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS" as the basis to arrest 2 people behind a car. Another PDX cop then threatens a journalist with arrest if he doesn't stop filming. [@AlexMilanTracy]
  • Incident #376 Portland, OR
    police push one guy, so another tries to record with his phone. A group of PDX cops then club the everlasting sh*t out the guy recording. [@AlexMilanTracy]
  • Incident #374 Portland, OR
    police turning downtown Portland into a war zone. The cops are rioting. [@PDXzane]
  • Incident #367 Portland, OR
    looks like a war zone outside the detention center, as police indiscriminately shoot, bomb, and gas the people they're allegedly supposed to serve and protect. [@StatusCoup]
  • Incident #346.1 Portland, OR
    More of 346 above in Portland as police push people back. Sounds like a war zone. [h/t @MrOlmos]
  • Incident #346 Portland, OR
    more in Portland last night, and a lot of high-def video in this thread. Sharing this one for the bass drummer who keeps going amid the teargas Face with tears of joy. [h/t @MrOlmos]
  • Incident #345 Portland, OR
    now we know why Portland PD asked media to stay away in 340 – there had been an order from the mayor's office not to use teargas, and the police said "LOL f*ck the mayor" and used it anyway. Lawlessness. [h/t @BonnieSilkman]
  • Incident #319 Portland, OR
    319 Portland, OR: police shooting flash-bangs, tear gas, and pepper spray. Bust in silhouette: "Where do I go? Where do I go??" Cop ::blasts pepper spray:: (This may be the same night / area as 243?) [h/t @BeggingDawson]
  • Incident #277 Portland, OR
    police gas a camp of homeless non-protestors for sport
  • Incident #243 Portland, OR
    people getting so used to being hit with teargas that they're now mobilizing quickly to neutralize the canisters with road cones
  • Incident #208 Portland, OR
    people are trying to clean up the street So a police SUV speeds through trying to run them over for sport
  • Incident #188 Portland, OR
    casual war-zoning as police shoot into a crowd for fun. [This may be a different area of the same night as 183 above, I can't tell]
  • Incident #183 Portland, OR
    indiscriminate teargas and flash-bang grenade use More videos in the same thread as this one
  • Incident #631 Portland, OR
    the PPB has determined that their nightly Running of the Swine and related cop-rioting has cost Portland taxpayers $6,200,000.00+ in just a few weeks. Insanity. Link to story: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/police/news/read.cfm?id=250912