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Incident #334

Philadelphia, PA


cop abruptly grabs a woman for no reason and attacks her, as the other cops assemble and a supervisor yells "why do you always start the violence!" to protestors. The officer who started it? Same as 294. [h/t @tippedminimum]; FOLLOW-UP: So the same Philly cop is 294, and 334..

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  • Incident #658 Philadelphia, PA
    a compilation of videos of Philly cops teargassing everyone in West Philadelphia from the comfort of their APC [@pennsylinger]
  • Incident #517 Philadelphia, PA
    police stand around doing nothing as a white mob pushes an Asian guy into oncoming traffic. Remember this next time someone tells you (falsely) that police provide safety and prevent violence. [@UR_Ninja]
  • Incident #484.4 Philadelphia, PA
    More video of 484 in Philadelphia PA, with another angle of the all-white vigilante mob attacking the journalist with no intervention from police. Lawlessness. [@GeorgeSolis]
  • Incident #484.1 Philadelphia, PA
    More of 484 in Philadelphia PA at Marconi Plaza. "Shortly before @PhillyPolice ordered us to cease our on-site reporting under threat of arrest, the crowd was cheering as a man with a Trump 2020 flag arrived. Police were also shaking hands with some of the white vigilantes as this was happening."
  • Incident #484 Philadelphia, PA
    a white vigilante mob shows up at Marconi Plaza, shaking hands with the cops, assaults a journalist – and then a cop here tells the journalist they have to leave. This is a violation of the First Amendment.[@UR_Ninja]
  • Incident #479 Philadelphia, PA
    cops enthusiastically clubbing someone in a car. [@_juliatr]
  • Incident #478 Philadelphia, PA
    cops get a man onto the ground and handcuff him, then everyone backs up so one officer can get a running start before kicking him in the side. This was last week. [@_juliatr]
  • Incident #339 Philadelphia, PA
    Guy runs from cops and dives into a random SUV. So police club him (0:33), but then punch him in the face for sport after he's cuffed (1:44). And arrest the random driver. And arrest someone filming.
  • Incident #294.5 Philadelphia, PA
    Another angle on 294 in Philadelphia PA
  • Incident #294.3 Philadelphia, PA
    Update on 294 and 334 in Philadephia PA, as FOP cops applaud Joey Bologna as he leaves to turn himself in on felony assault charges for beating protestors unprovoked on two separate occasions. "Bologna Strong" [@KeeleyFox29]
  • Incident #294 Philadelphia, PA
    how many Philly cops does it take to beat one woman? I count two, after the pudgy bastard in white starts beating people with his baton
  • Incident #192 Philadelphia, PA
    how many Philly cops does it take to beat one man? I count at least 6. Man: "I can't breathe!" Gang of cops: "SHUT UP ASSHOLE! ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID? SHUT UP! THAT SHIT DON'T WORK HERE!"
  • Incident #150 Philadelphia, PA
    cop pulls down a protestor's mask to pepper-spray her in the face as she's kneeling with her hands up, then the cop sprays another one, then he pushes over a third to make sure he can pepper-spray them in the face too
  • Incident #116 Philadelphia, PA
    four cops brutalize and arrest a man Notice how one cop deliberately put the man's hand on the baton / stick / whatever, just so he could then beat the guy for touching it
  • Incident #113 Philadelphia, PA
    police deliberately herd protestors up an embankment against an unclimbable fence – and then repeatedly gas them all for sport
  • Incident #31 Philadelphia, PA
    hitting a reporter and trying to knock down their camera to block them from filming as officers dogpile an unarmed black man