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Incident #27

Raleigh, NC


an hours-long peaceful protest turns violent as police indiscriminately fire teargas into the crowd

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  • Incident #221.1 Raleigh, NC
    Video of 221 above out of Raleigh NC. A few weeks ago downtown was inundated by armed cosplaytriots (#MealTeamSix) protesting that quarantine closures were Literal Fascism. They're conspicuously silent as a business is gassed for providing first aid
  • Incident #76.1 Raleigh, NC
    Another angle on 76 above in Raleigh, where you can see the guy they repeatedly shot was unarmed with his hands out
  • Incident #28 Raleigh, NC
    an earlier separate section of Raleigh NC police shooting pepperballs into peaceful and unarmed protestors