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  • Incident #493 Atlanta, GA
    ATL tries to one-up PDX with their own Running of the Swine [@douglasblackmon]
  • Incident #480.6 Atlanta, GA
    Wendy's surveillance video of 480 above in Atlanta GA. Fast forward to the [28:30] timestamp
  • Incident #480.3 Atlanta, GA
    Yet another angle on 480 in Atlanta GA, as the unarmed man is bleeding out in the Wendy's parking lot. [FB: https://m.facebook.com/629408354/posts/10157889410533355/?d=n]
  • Incident #480.2 Atlanta, GA
    Another angle on 480 at an Atlanta GA Wendy's. Picks up after the unarmed black man has already been summarily executed for sport [@hbs14n]
  • Incident #480 Atlanta, GA
    police shoot and kill an unarmed black man for running away. The Supreme Court of the United States, in Tennessee v Garner (471 US 1 (1985)), banned the use of lethal force on an unarmed escapee. That was 35 years ago
  • Incident #440 Atlanta, GA
    National Guard shoving protestors over a retaining wall for sport. (Can't read the cross street, looks like Paces Ferry Road NW and Glen Arden Drive NW?)[Anonymous]
  • Incident #141 Atlanta, GA
    four police team up to arrest a photographer, as the nightly news broadcasts it
  • Incident #129 Atlanta, GA
    as with 128 above, police and National Guard are blocking people from leaving, forcing them to stay out until after curfew so they can be arrested
  • Incident #121 Atlanta, GA
    police beat the sh*t out of one person, then a male officer breaks away to beat, tackle, and mount the unarmed woman behind him
  • Incident #54 Atlanta, GA
    Destroying a young black guy's car and then repeatedly assaulting both occupants (reported to be two local college students trying to get home)
  • Incident #17 Atlanta, GA
    a bike cop picks up his bike and uses it to push over an unarmed protestor for sport; link : https://twitter.com/Brittm_tv/status/1266497944796225538