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Incident #115

Denver, CO


casual conversation between a protestor and riot cop; : "Can I ask you what's going to happen at 8? Sir?"; : "What's gonna happen is we're gonna start beating the fuck out of you."

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  • Incident #448 Denver, CO
    protestors move out of the street so an ambulance can get past. With them bunched into a confined space on the sidewalk, police use it as an opportune time to open fire on them without warning. The cameraman takes a bullet to the arm. [CW: blood] [Anonymous]
  • Incident #404 Denver, CO
    more chaos, along with indiscriminate use of flash-bang grenades and pepper spray. [TikTok @ https://vm.tiktok.com/ojUGbU/]
  • Incident #403 Denver, CO
    police rip a sign out of the hands of a peaceful protestor, then pepper-spray them in the face for sport. [TikTok @ https://tiktok.com/@yazzdazzz/video/6832899302566661382]
  • Incident #402 Denver, CO
    effects of being hit in the face with a "less lethal" round. CW: severe gore. [TikTok @ https://tiktok.com/@yazzdazzz/video/6832895812771646725]
  • Incident #396 Denver, CO
    police shoot a guy at point-blank range for sport. [Reddit (@2020police) @ https://reddit.com/r/2020PoliceBrutality/comments/gxgb1t/denver_police_knocking_a_kid_out_and_losing/]
  • Incident #59 Denver, CO
    non-protestors stuck in traffic get hit by a stray shot from police. The driver gets out, yells at police that there's a pregnant woman in the passenger seat... ...so a bunch of police repeatedly shoot the car
  • Incident #56 Denver, CO
    police – leaving – do a parting goodbye shot with a pepperball to stop an unarmed protestor from recording
  • Incident #33 Denver, CO
    police caught on camera pushing a reporter into an open fire
  • Incident #13 Denver, CO
    intentionally pepper-spraying anyone recording police brutality, outside the state's capitol grounds