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Incident #100

Washington, DC


police pin a CNN reporter against a wall while another one clubs him in the knee with a baton

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  • Incident #341 Washington, DC
    another instance of totally unidentifiable people acting as law enforcement. No nameplates, no badges, no insignia, no uniforms. (Also: no facemasks 🤢) [h/t @bdaviskc]
  • Incident #333 Washington, DC
    check out the video in the tweet quoted here. Moving. "People don't understand he's there because he has to be not because he wants to ... Unlike being a cop and just quitting he will go to jail and get a dishonorable discharge which is dam near a death sentence"
  • Incident #217 Washington, DC
    military troops? Cops? Whoever they are, they walk up the fence and start indiscriminately shooting into the backs of the crowd as it runs away
  • Incident #136.1 Washington, DC
    Looks like another angle on 136 in Washington DC, with police pushing and pepper-spraying protestors before the 7pm curfew [@LiteraryMouse]