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  • Incident #537 Los Angeles, CA
    police shoot at a non-protestor in their apartment. Recall they did something similar in 87 as well. [@tracemeYo]
  • Incident #536 Los Angeles, CA
    an officer takes aim at a non-protestor peacefully recording in their apartment [@AsToldBySam]
  • Incident #461 Los Angeles, CA
    same moment as 460 above, but numbered separately because they also sliced the everlasting sh*t out of *another* woman's hand while trying to cut zip ties. (Pics in next tweet) [IG: https://instagram.com/p/CBEFX7wlWFa/]
  • Incident #460 Los Angeles, CA
    police slice open a woman's hand while trying to cut the zip tie they've used to restrain her. [IG: https://instagram.com/p/CBB2mn6A8pi/]
  • Incident #416 Los Angeles, CA
    unarmed protestors have their hands raised standing still. LAPD shoots them for sport anyway. [@MattMcGorry]
  • Incident #380 Los Angeles, CA
    cop pulls a gun on a random black guy at the park, yells at him at gunpoint to get on his knees... ...then gets told "you've got the wrong guy," says "my bad," and leaves [@mrwillmartin]
  • Incident #324 Los Angeles, CA
    protestor's GoPro bodycam captures an LAPD officer beating the everlasting sh*t out of a guy with his hands up. [h/t @2020Police / https://reddit.com/r/2020PoliceBrutality/comments/gxf4vn/officer_hwang_of_the_lapd_during_saturdays/]
  • Incident #257 Los Angeles, CA
    police shooting at protestors at point-blank range Near the end of the vid @roebotwriter takes a bullet to the stomach
  • Incident #225 Los Angeles, CA
    powerful montage of police violence juxtaposed with a speech from the mayor Another reminder that the love of police brutality is strongly bipartisan
  • Incident #182 Los Angeles, CA
    police block a street to swarm out and start arresting random motorists for violating curfew
  • Incident #177 Los Angeles, CA
    police doing casual drive-by shootings from the comfort of their SUV
  • Incident #148 Los Angeles, CA
    police open fire for sport on two guys standing still yards away having a conversation with each other
  • Incident #133 Los Angeles, CA
    black store owners call the police to get help with looters. So the police arrest the black store owners who asked for help, (The police do not exist to serve and protect you. They exist to maintain our caste system.)
  • Incident #123.2 Los Angeles, CA
    tremendous. Local news picked up on 123 above. Keep sharing these videos. It's breaking through "ABC7 SHOCKING VIDEO: LAPD officers seen striking protesters with batons in Fairfax district confrontation https://abc7.la/3dzg9qX"
  • Incident #119.2 Los Angeles, CA
    Looks like a 3rd camera angle of 119 in Los Angeles CA. (First was a 1st-person POV from @kendrick38, second looked like it was on the line, this one is across the street) [@ElieTWMayniac]
  • Incident #119.1 Los Angeles, CA
    Another angle of #119 above Notice the situation is peaceful – until LAPD decides it's time to get violent
  • Incident #119 Los Angeles, CA
    LAPD beat the sh*t out of well-known actor Kendrick Sampson (@kendrick38) Then once they're done beating him, the baton cops back away so another cop can shoot him at close range
  • Incident #118 Los Angeles, CA
    LAPD scanner chatter: "$100 for a n*gger! $50 for a Mexican! Kill 'em all! ... We gotta start shooting to kill, man. Mr. Trump said so."
  • Incident #107 Los Angeles, CA
    police shoot a USMC veteran in the head for sport
  • Incident #105 Los Angeles, CA
    LAPD sharing a jovial chuckle with a white woman as she spraypaints a building to make it look like it was done by protestors. You can even hear police suggest she write "Floyd" too
  • Incident #87 Los Angeles, CA
    LAPD shoots a man *in his own apartment* recording from his upstairs balcony
  • Incident #70 Los Angeles, CA
    LAPD officer quickly drives his SUV into a crowd near Pershing Square, hitting what looks like two protestors, then throws it in reverse and speeds away
  • Incident #34 Los Angeles, CA
    LAPD tackling one unarmed protestor and indiscriminately beating others with their batons