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Incident #53

Louisville, KY


forgot to add this one in earlier. Police loot medical supplies, destroys others, as cops push protestors back to stop them from recording This violates the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution btw

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  • Incident #532.1 Louisville, KY
    First-person view of 532 in Louisville KY by the woman assaulted by police for engaging in First Amendment-protected conduct on the sidewalk
  • Incident #532 Louisville, KY
    police push down a protestor who was lawfully on the sidewalk, then shoot at people who come to help her up. 15 June 2020. The cops are rioting
  • Incident #528 Louisville, KY
    a guy records a half-dozen cops dogpiling a protestor – and then one of the cops shoots the window to stop him from recording. Lawlessness. [@kenjiboijoi]
  • Incident #218 Louisville, KY
    police take position on an overpass and *shoot at cars stuck in traffic* for sport Reminder: the police are rioting
  • Incident #98 Louisville, KY
    police shoot – and kill – renowned local chef David McAtee; https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2020/06/01/beshear-authorizes-investigation-into-louisville-police-national-guard-shooting/5306733002/
  • Incident #0.52 Louisville, KY
    non-police action so no number, but a man opens fire on peaceful protestors for sport. 1 person was killed at the scene, another injured. No arrests yet based on most recent reporting.[@JBernardBoyle / @0000maxwell / @Maxwellsounds]
  • Incident #12 Louisville, KY
    police in Louisville KY – who just watched police in Minneapolis MN arrest a CNN reporter live on-air – say "hold my whiskey" and deliberately shoot a reporter and her cameraman