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  • Incident #494 Seattle, WA
    not brutality-related; turns out crimes can be addressed without lethal force Face screaming in fear The protestors occupying the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone eject a white guy who broke a window of the East Precinct police station [@NaveedAJamali]
  • Incident #465 Seattle, WA
    Seattle PD shows up to the #CHAZ, pepper-sprays a protestor with their hands up, then leaves. [FB: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=949526905485027&id=100012831786262&_rdr]
  • Incident #430 Seattle, WA
    another mashup of multiple videos showing the chaos and violence by police [@Bionic_Sloth]. (duplicate of 430.1)
  • Incident #429 Seattle, WA
    a mashup of multiple cameras, notice the top left where SPD blows away a journalist
  • Incident #425 Seattle, WA
    police shoot someone directly in the chest with a flash-bang grenade. [@chaseburnsy]
  • Incident #424.1 Seattle, WA
    Another angle on 424 in Seattle? [@abolishICE___]
  • Incident #424 Seattle, WA
    how many Seattle cops and National Guardsmen does it take to beat one homeless person? Looks like at least 6 here. (I bet Seattle would save a bundle if they spent some of their teargas budget on social services that help the homeless) [@slydesilva]
  • Incident #420.6 Seattle, WA
    Another angle on 420 above out of Seattle, this time from the other side of the street where the shooter surrendered
  • Incident #420.5 Seattle, WA
    Another angle, this time with audio, on 420 above in Seattle
  • Incident #420.4 Seattle, WA
    "But T. Greg," you ask, "he's not a cop so why did this get assigned number 420?" Because after a week of police indiscriminately shooting unarmed and peaceful protestors, take a wild guess how they handled this guy? [@luvmemuch]
  • Incident #420.2 Seattle, WA
    A third angle on 420 in Seattle. [@Jim_Brunner]
  • Incident #420.1 Seattle, WA
    Another angle on 420 in Seattle. [@chaseburnsy]
  • Incident #420 Seattle, WA
    a man drives into the crowd of protestors in downtown Seattle, shoots a guy as he gets out of the car, then makes his way through the crowd to the police to turn himself in. 3 more vids coming on this... [@SeanNyberg]
  • Incident #407 Seattle, WA
    nighttime view of 405, police get super-aggressive with the tear gas – check this out by the end. Yikes. [@chaseburnsy]
  • Incident #405 Seattle, WA
    6/7 protest descends into chaos. [@menilivne]
  • Incident #395 Seattle, WA
    thread on SPD attacking a medic tent on 6/6-7: https://twitter.com/velaharigaming/status/1269685373816332289
  • Incident #375 Seattle, WA
    more video of how Seattle PD gives an order to disperse, but then uses their bike cops to prevent people from dispersing – and then shoots them when they don't. Lawlessness. [@MikeApe7]
  • Incident #365 Seattle, WA
    I'm giving these all different numbers because they're all so goddamn outrageous. Read. Then watch. Also, watch thread which starts with: "BREAKING: @SeattlePD using flash bangs to disperse crowd, people throwing things at officers. A piece of one of those bangs just hit my leg. This is quickly getting out of hand. Protesters hadn’t thrown or done anything it seems to provoke this #KOMONews"
  • Incident #363 Seattle, WA
    more Seattle cops repeatedly assaulting a journalist so she'll stop filming. [@Shauna_Sowersby]
  • Incident #362.1 Seattle, WA
    More of 362 in Seattle. This looks like an invading army. Clearly too many cops on the force in Seattle. [@richsssmith]
  • Incident #362 Seattle, WA
    didn't Seattle's mayor say there would be a moratorium on using chemical weapons against citizens? Thinking face. [@richsssmith]
  • Incident #360 Seattle, WA
    police ask a huge crowd to take 5 steps back – then when they realize it's impossible, they indiscriminately start pepper-spraying everyone. Notice the unlawful seizures of private property (umbrellas, a road cone). [@lovebarofficial]
  • Incident #353.2 Seattle, WA
    Here's the other angle of 353 above one Seattle. [@daeshikjr]
  • Incident #353 Seattle, WA
    how many Seattle cops does it take to arrest a woman with her 9-year-old daughter in the backseat? Looks like at least a dozen minimum. Clearly too many cops in Seattle. [h/t @daeshikjr]
  • Incident #344 Seattle, WA
    protestors make a path for an ambulance to get to a medical emergency. Seattle PD says "LOL f*ck you" and makes the ambulance go back [h/t @itsjosephryan]
  • Incident #220 Seattle, WA
    deploying a busload of riot troops at a peaceful protest Reminder: it's the police who have been escalating the violence
  • Incident #190.2 Seattle, WA
    More of 190 above in Seattle. Note the person on a motorized scooter getting caught in a cloud of gas
  • Incident #190 Seattle, WA
    another night of indiscriminate flash-bang and teargas use on peaceful protestors
  • Incident #165 Seattle, WA
    not a brutality video, but instead showing the scale of the protestors. *Years* of data – decades likely – have repeatedly proven that crackdowns radicalize people and lead to more protestors. This is what cops rioting causes
  • Incident #140.1 Seattle, WA
    Street-level view of 140 above in Seattle WA. The cops are rioting. [full video is 3:31 long, on IG @ https://instagram.com/tv/CA63KMnlVvu/?igshid=hfp3uoaqe23p]
  • Incident #140 Seattle, WA
    overhead view of Seattle PD pepper-spraying protestors, then indiscriminately firing flash bang grenades deep into the crowd
  • Incident #101 Seattle, WA
    police appear to be trying to break the glass window of whatever business this is at 2nd and Pine?
  • Incident #91 Seattle, WA
    police form a line to force protestors into a tight group against a wall ("kettling"), so they can then repeatedly pepper-spray them without anyone being able to leave
  • Incident #90 Seattle, WA
    as protestors shout about the guy getting arrested after a bike cop deliberately crashed in to him, SPD starts indiscriminately firing tear gas into the crowd
  • Incident #89 Seattle, WA
    same technique as 88 above – bike cop deliberately tries to "pass" where there's clearly not enough room, so he can then make contact and put a protestor into a headlock
  • Incident #88 Seattle, WA
    SPD bike cop crashes into the back of a peaceful unarmed marcher, so other police swarm to arrest the marcher for some reason
  • Incident #41 Seattle, WA
    police arrest a protestor using the same knee-on-neck technique used to murder #GeorgeFloyd Another protestor yells "GET YOUR FUCKING KNEE OFF HIS NECK" – at which point the *other* officer forcibly moves the first officer's leg
  • Incident #32.2 Seattle, WA
    7 Seattle PD cops showed up to arrest the man who took the video of the child sprayed with mace. [@maggieangel19]