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Incident #145.1

Columbus, OH


Columbus Police began spraying protestors around 10:25 at the corner of High and Lane. @m_p_garrison @sarahszilagy and I were also sprayed despite making them aware we are members of @TheLantern. The press is exempt from the curfew.

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  • Incident #329 Columbus, OH
    protestor gives police the middle finger as they're pepper-spraying people, so another cop speed-walks up to rip the guys mask off so he can be sprayed. [h/t @bwk1992]
  • Incident #328 Columbus, OH
    protest descends into chaos as a guy jawboning at a cop is violently shoved, another cop comes up to indiscriminately pepper-spray everyone, and then the cops attack. Notice them pepper-spray the guy recording, at the end. [FB @ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1137997739900780&id=100010716946743&_rdr]
  • Incident #198 Columbus, OH
    more police destroying private property without due process (Can you imagine how small your [eggplant] must be to have all that body armor and guns and still be afraid of water bottles? Yikes)
  • Incident #145 Columbus, OH
    police pepper-spray members of the news media so they'll stop reporting. News media are exempt from the city's curfew
  • Incident #110 Columbus, OH
    police officer peppersprays 2 people in the face as they silently kneel Then another officer takes their water
  • Incident #95 Columbus, OH
    woman is peacefully walking away down the sidewalk So an officer randomly pepper-sprays her from behind
  • Incident #50 Columbus, OH
    a peaceful woman stands still holding a sign, quite a distance from police, as another man holds his bike in front of her to shield her
  • Incident #35 Columbus, OH
    pepper-spraying peaceful unarmed protestors as they sit on the ground
  • Incident #23.1 Columbus, OH
    Looks like another angle on 23 above out of Columbus OH, as police indiscriminately pepper-spray peaceful protestors [h/t @TheLantern]
  • Incident #23 Columbus, OH
    Unarmed protestors peacefully chanting when officers start randomly pepper-spraying them for sport
  • Incident #18 Columbus, OH
    police, unprovoked, pepper-spraying a United States Congresswoman and several other elected officials for sport; link: https://twitter.com/KRobPhoto/status/1266796191469252610