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Incident #114

Chicago, IL


nearly a dozen police officers team up to destroy a car and pull at least one of the occupants out by their head Original poster indicates police stole the car soon thereafter, leaving the driver and another passenger in the lot

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  • Incident #498 Chicago, IL
    cops practically pulling a kids pants off to yank him out of the backseat of a car. Notice badge numbers are blocked by "thin blue line" ribbons. [@leolaroux]
  • Incident #321 Chicago, IL
    video from 5/31 where Chicago PD officers don't have their bodycams and have deliberately covered their name plates to avoid anyone identifying them. [h/t @CHICAGOCREATUR1]
  • Incident #211 Chicago, IL
    an officer runs through the crowd of his colleagues to push down a protestor and start beating the everlasting sh*t out of them for sport
  • Incident #39 Chicago, IL
    police attack John Cusack for filming The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals was the first – in 1995, decades ago – that there's a First Amendment-guaranteed right to record public police activity
  • Incident #38 Chicago, IL
    reporter streaming live on Periscope, holds up his press pass and shouts "PRESS!" – so police pepper-spray him to stop him from broadcasting (video from @lhwaldron)