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Incident #8

Minneapolis, MN


detonating flashbang grenades in a docile crowd of unarmed protestors for sport

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  • Incident #506.2 Minneapolis, MN
    Audio from 506 in Minneapolis MN: [@dphiffer]
  • Incident #312.1 Minneapolis, MN
    Video for 312 above in Minneapolis MN
  • Incident #250 Minneapolis, MN
    first-person view as police deliberately target press with teargas and pepper spray, even as several of them have vests with "PRESS" clear across the front and back
  • Incident #79 Minneapolis, MN
    police deliberately shoot at a German news crew, live on-air Notice the "PRESS" in all-caps on both sides of the reporter's vest
  • Incident #74 Minneapolis, MN
    police responding to a medical emergency – a tanker truck deliberately running over protestors – nonetheless stop to casually pepper-spray folks from the comfort of their SUVs
  • Incident #64 Minneapolis, MN
    in the tweet above this one, a reporter notes that all of the tires for all the cars in a parking lot have been slashed. Turns out protestors caught the Minneapolis PD and National Guard on camera doing the slashing
  • Incident #47 Minneapolis, MN
    police deliberately target a CBS crew, shooting the sound engineer with a rubber bullet "They're sighting us in, dude!" Notice the reporters are *nowhere near* any protestors or police
  • Incident #46 Minneapolis, MN
    police shoot rubber bullets and teargas at a reporter and his crew, as they're broadcasting live on-air
  • Incident #42 Minneapolis, MN
    Minneapolis Police called our journalist the "entire problem" & threatened he "would get baked" as he filmed them at 31st & Blaisdell after curfew a block away from #GeorgeFloydProtests at the 5th Precinct.
  • Incident #30 Minneapolis, MN
    police in Minneapolis deliberately shoot at – and then arrest – a reporter as he's walking away and trying to comply with police orders to back up
  • Incident #29.1 Minneapolis, MN
    Different angle of 29 above out of Minneapolis, where police slammed a VICE News reporter to the ground and another pepper-sprayed him. You can see everything from this vantage point (original was 1st person
  • Incident #29 Minneapolis, MN
    forcing a reporter to the ground, then deliberately pepper-spraying him in the face at close range for sport
  • Incident #26 Minneapolis, MN
    National Guard and Minneapolis PD officers illegally demand taxpayers stop filming from their porch and go inside – you'll hear "Light 'em up!" as they then shoot at these people *WHO ARE ON THEIR OWN PORCH*
  • Incident #9 Minneapolis, MN
    shooting a random protestor in the neck with a rubber bullet, then detonating more flash-bangs
  • Incident #10 Minneapolis, MN
    Police arresting CNN reportes on air [h/t to @KSeyiA for link]
  • Incident #7 Minneapolis, MN
    Minneapolis PD officer in an SUV indiscriminately sprays random citizens with pepper spray from his car window